Gathering vs Raiding

This new update just made gathering materials harder, and raiding easier.

What do you expect the result to be?

More raiding.

People raided a lot on previous update, now there will be no way to protect a house…

Is like you just asked us to play 24/7 no rest.

the rebalanced tool durability made it much harder to farm stone, and therefore make a proper defense against raiders.

Agreed, we need a tool that sucks at raiding but is good for gathering stone / ore, to redress the balance, otherwise all you’ll have is naked guys with spears killing new spawns and no building / progression.

Yesterday my 2 hours of work put into my wooden base have been annihilated by two raiders with hatchets in less than 5 minutes (even though I slowed them down by trying to resist).

They used my storage boxes to climb to the 1st floor where I had stairs.
Those storage boxes made my house vulnerable. It was my fault and I won’t make this mistake again. Those motherfuckers won’t succeed a second time. At least not this way.

Once they reached the cupboard they just destroyed my house in no time using their hammer right clicking on every single foundation. It’s not my way of playing (I not always destroy the sleeping bags and even rebuild the walls I destroy lol) but other people have others ways of playing and that’s fine. The do it because they can.
Rust is unforgiving :slight_smile:

After this bad experience I decided to change my play style. I became a homeless bastard killing random people and raiding/stealing shelters. I now see every single other player as a big storage box on legs.
I have a lot of sleeping bags and storage boxes in bushes and near radtowns.
And you know what ? It’s fun !
No more “I need this or that” ; “I need to gather” ; “I need to craft” ; “I need to protect this” ; “I need blah blah blah”.

All I tell to myself right now is : “All I need is love^H^H^H^Ha spear”.
I was even able to steal a house with 2 (non-sleeping) persons inside, just with my rock and 2 sleeping bags.

Little to loose and a lot to win. I’ll probably continue playing this way the whole week.

My point is that you need some kind of balance between construction vs destruction to achieve homeostasis.
Right now destruction is too easy/rewarding and construction a bit too long/boring/useless.

i haven’t tested it with the new update… But shouldn’t a pickaxe / salvaged pickaxe be your main choice here?! I guess that should be its purpose in life?

if the damage inflicted to a tool by gathering enough res to build is less than the damage inflicted by breaking walls etc, it will rebalance without the need for special tools:)

that said, although it’s interesting, i’m not sure they needed to implement specific tools for each task with durability dependant on using the right tool for the right job. i probably would have just kept the efficiency variable, and set durability loss.

Raiding carries very low risk (especially now with explosives, since you no longer have to stand exposed for several minutes), requires very low effort, and has very high rewards.

Gathering has moderate risk, moderate effort, and moderate rewards.

I expect more stupid threads of people complaining about something that has openly been stated as work in progress.

I don’t think this thread is stupid. I don’t see any complains.
This is just an exchange on a work in progress and I see some value in it.

Pickaxe deteriorates almost as fast as stone hatchet on rock resources. Way out of balance.
I need a sky hook for my loot. Like what i do in the interior campsites, where i suspend all my food and valuables in trees to keep them from the bears.

When I made the topic I wasn’t thinking on complain, but construct, because I know the game is early acces game on progress, the dumb one may be you thinking everybody will complain everyday and not helping out to construct ideas.

I don’t really see where is the game going with all this, I mean, which is the focus of the game? Make a base with a team and raid others with a moderated difficulty? Or just wander naked raiding other people houses really easy and not building your own because it is too hard to get materials and too much effort for having people to take it down in 5 minutes?

I’m thinking right now not even building over rock helps, because ranged weapons like bullets are way too easy to make and you can have a lot of bullets on your inventory, so you can destroy every wall you want without being near. (Btw make bullets have a big weight, I’m not sure in real life how much bullets can you carry on but I’m pretty sure 1000 bullets plus a weapon its impossible.)

For me was much funnier to have a stable house, scared of when people is going to raid it but stable enough for me to disconnect without worrying too much because it wasn’t exactly easier to raid, but possible. Of course this is because I play on nights, when I get home from work.

Is it maybe a good idea that regeneration depends on cupboard position and quantity of cupboards owned by same person, also depending on constructed time as it were before? So raiding external walls of a base will be easier but the house core won’t be so easy, but possible, and some times not so possible without having C4 on your hands.

I’m trying to give ideas anyway.

I think when the weight system is introduced, having to load bullets into clips and guns, throwing of axes and spears, and the gathering and building system is complete and balanced there will be major changes in the way the game is played.

Eh my place is unraidable :smiley:


i’m not a huge fan of raiding when the people are offline. it’s kind of silly you cant log off for the night or go to work without being there to protect what you built.

the other night two of my friends and i raided a house with four people in it. it was an intense battle. and even though we had guns and they didn’t, it was still no easy task and gave us a challenge. my heart was pounding and my adrenaline pumping. my wife even lol’d at me for getting so caught up in the moment. but that’s how i imagine all raiding should be.

i made a suggestion a while back to help prevent this. some sort of immunity while the person is logged off. obviously something else would have to be in place to prevent the person from auto logging out when their base is about to go down. before, i pictured a 12 hour immunity while clicking the tool cupboard and logging off. and that immunity going away once they log back in.

i still don’t understand why people enjoy raiding others when they are offline. maybe the same reason why hackers do what they do? iuno

Most of the burglars in real life do their shit while the innocupants are out. Raiders are just playing (and are an important part of) the game while cheaters are ruining it.

I think the problem is really about finding some balance between efforts put into building vs destruction.

I’m all ok with being raided while being offline if that means some part of my house and my stuff is still (mostly) there when I come back.

One day I logged in to see that my first 2 floors had been raided.
That meant I lost more than half of my stuff and had to rebuild a couple of walls, furnaces, and sleeping bags. I felt OK with that because I hadn’t to rebuild everything from scratch. I also felt OK for the raiders because they had put some efforts in it and got rewarded. I guess everybody was happy.

Maybe it’s the cupboard system that’s broken ? I think I’ve heard it’s temporary and I hope they come with something better.
I myself use cupboards when raiding but too many raiders use it to destroy all your efforts in just a click once they looted your base.

I need 10 hatchets to destroy a stone wall but once I get access to your cupboard all it takes is 10 seconds to completely remove your base from the map. Rust is trying to stick to the reality but that is absolutely unrealistic.

I think something should change about that but I don’t know exactly what.
Maybe the cupboard should implement an identity and access management with 3 kinds of “access rights” : “allow building” ; “allow destroying” ; “allow access management”. I don’t know …
Any ideas ?

server and location?:wink:

I think a cupboard mod may be an easy way to address some of the issues. Raiding someone… well everyone has differing opinions on how easy or not this should be. But being able to completely destroy someone’s home… I am okay with the possibility, but it should be alot harder than a right click>demolish.