Gating Access via Recipes...

Why not give everyone access to all developments, and then make resources scarcer? Access to some weapons (bolt action rifle) schematic will always be more powerful being able to one shot from distance. Why gate access to it through access to the schematic rather than through access to the materials to make it, and c4, and good body armor. I believe the schematic system should be scrapped making resource races more worth while, and then the Radiation Spots could have a higher drop chance of items, making them focus areas for player combat.

What good is the gating mechanism of schematics?

I think there should be MORE schematics…
If everybody could make anything it would become too much of a trade-to-win game.
I like that before you can make C4 you need to be able to make explosives first, because it really cuts down on OP players creating all the C4 they want in the first 2 hours…

How does putting everyone on equal footing, allowing for skill to separate the haves from the haves not = op?

Giving everyone access to C4 is not a bad thing, and if it becomes a problem it can be tuned by access to resource, or cost of making the C4. It should bea difficult thing to put together these weapons, and stocking resources.

In fact earlier, I was watching chat and someone who had been on the server fresh had gotten an M4 within 15min of getting on the server, and was dedicating resources to now manufacturing them. Where’s the skill in that? RNG needs to be removed from the game.

You can already have most if not all blueprints on a server, in like 6 Hours of Play; if that. If your looking for a server that you can just pop on, and start playing Deathmatch; find a Kit server that gives you everything when you start. Then your on equal footing.

That’s a very very very generous estimate that requires a ridiculous amount of RNG.

The thing is there’s no good game play reason other than creating busy work for forcing players to camp for items. Forcing players to recipe grind, creates a massive hole once you’ve gotten all the recipes. After spending a significant portion of time trying to obtain recipes, when players get those recipes there will be a massive “end game gap” that will need to be addressed.

Focus on controlling the access to resources, and this will raise characters who focus on the combat, town building, and resource management. Rather than playing the recipe game. It needs to be removed for the health of communities.

It really doesn’t have an impact on communities though, as a community implies that you’ve been playing together for more than a handful of hours. Instead of relying on a game mechanic, or lack of a game mechanic from your point of view to foster your community; why not actually… foster a community? Band together, you could easily create a town with a couple other players, open it to the public, and pretty much stock any newbie on your server with the best gear and the best weapons within 5 Minutes of their first spawn. There, they no longer need to play the Blueprint game. But you saved them what? 4 Hours? 6 Hours? You got them to that “End-game” gap much faster, and why?

Doesn’t that take away the rush of the first couple of hours of spawning fresh? Where figuring out where to get your first Pig/Chicken kill, and keeping your first campfire that you built with your own two hands (and a rock) safe from prying eyes as you rush to make food? Or the rush when you find your first DIY Kit (Resource Kit) and copy that precious Bolt-Action you stole from a crate in town?

On established/stable servers there is a naturally evolving game for Resources, we see it on our server. People set up camps in places like Resource Valley, attempting to “own” resources; and instead end up getting raided for attempting to control the resources, and eventually forced off the server because they cant seem to hold a static camp for any amount of time. In a game whose purpose is really a Us-vs-Them dog-eat-dog world, “controlling” resources will never really happen.

Also, as to your end-game gap… huh? You reach end game the second you build your first house (for most people this is within the first hour of gameplay). There is no story, there is no quests or missions… there really isn’t an “end game”. Its your community that decides what endgame is. Is it PVP? Is it mass-server PvE? Is it a Minecraft Simulator? We happen to have pockets of each on our server, from a group of rogue solos hunting players, to players who banded together to form safety in number; and then a small dedicated group of us whom moved outside into the no-spawn Zone and set up an actual town (about 60,000 Wood/ 30,000 Metal worth).

By the way, as a Vanilla server, when you set up a town that large; Decay becomes a GIANT problem; as it becomes more than a full time job to repair the town, hampering growth, you cannot grow a town much larger without serious coordination and/or admin intervention/disable decay.

Ayka, what value is there for having the recipes via drops in the game? What value does gating access to weapons, armor, structures, add-ons via random drops?

How does this improve the game? Why would it be bad if players stated with all the recipes?

I’m not saying it would be bad, I’m asking “Why?”. Your depriving new players of an experience that you had, and that while you may have disliked; others have enjoyed. I personally enjoyed assembling my set of Blueprints, especially the Metal Building pieces. Blueprints do none of the things, or block any of the things you said they have. They are not blocks to new players in your community, they’re not overly gating at all… hell, they’re not even really a gate at all.

Why? Because it gave me something to do. It gave me a goal. Now after a short period of time, I have all my blueprints. Now what? Now I harvest resources and grind? Why deprive new players of the experience of growing in what little ways RUST gives us to grow so far?

Or is this coming from getting killed early on by an enterprising player with a Bolt-Action while you were still a Naked rock-wielding caveman?

Also, from a purely meta standpoint; would that be the best use of developers time? Removing content from a game that is “10%” complete seems like a poor idea to me…

I get what you’re saying, but I can’t stand needless RNG. I’ve yet to see a bolt action rifle, or plans regardless of the camping I’ve done. Yesterday I spent a large portion of the day camping red animals/rad town and just kept getting repeats of the same recipes I already had.

I realized when i made this post, that a large portion of my time is being spend trying to complete my recipe book. While I fill my fortress and hunting cabin with resources, I’m hindered progress by the fact I do not have access to C4, Bolt Action, or several other materials.

While I value the thought of new players missing out on the opportunity to do this same grind, I believe that by giving players equal access, or equal head starts can only help the game.

I mean everyone starts with the same rock, 2 bandages, and a torch right? What if what we started on the server with was randomized?

I don’t see why not having access to any of those is hindering at all. I’ve found the M4 to be a much more reliable weapon than the Bolt-Action, and have most of my kills/banditry with it; and C4 can be circumvented with some creative play (read as: Door Rushing at night).

You’ll get the things you need, what about the community on your server? Will they not help you out with a DIY and a Bolt-Action?

Of course. I could trade for a bolt action, and use a research kit on it (I can make research kits) but that doesn’t change the silliness of the mechanic.

Farming rad/towns need to have a different focus, instead of funneling noobs in for the slaughter of people that already have all the recipes purely through the luck of RNG.

I would recommend giving everyone access to the same recipes, and then give the rad/towns access to material, or drops that only happen in rad town.

For example if the bolt action, was only available via drop, then it would make them a little more valuable and give it a focus.

Or perhaps if there was a material needed for manufacturing that was only available through rad/towns drop then it would give everyone a reason to camp these areas.

Time to raid then; time to trade (with all the risks that entails); time to gun for some air drops; time to start camping near rad towns and running crates…

Basically you’re saying you prefer grinding resources to those activities. I’m not opposed to grinding for resources in this game because-- hell-- it’s dangerous out there! The competition for resources is already pretty intense, but I enjoy having different things to focus on from time to time.

When you kill a guy and he drops 2 research kits, a C4, and an explosive-- the trip to the nearest workbench is a heart-pounder. You just can’t create epic moments like that with a resource grind.

Well unless the plan is to drive players to more and more servers, it’s going to be very difficult for new players if not impossible to gain foot holds. As they will not have access to Bolt Action Rifles, they can be camped from distance by players that do and kept from gaining access to new recipes.

As they won’t have access to C4, their bases will be susceptible to raiding, while those that maintain all the access to air drops people will not be able to counter raid.

This problem has happened year after year in Arena in WoW. Where even there the developers saw this problem and have gone ahead and fixed the gated nature of pvp gear.

Make Air Drops guaranteed drops, or make them far more lucrative… But give equal access to all recipes either through everyone being given access to them from the start, or all recipes equal access through “red monster” drops.

Either way. Once you do have access to everything, you can focus all your efforts on pvp full time while other people are still trying to gear up.