Gatling From Metro Last Light For Fallout NV

Hello Yes i know i ask some bt im work all day and all night on my Metro Project for Fallout NV i work actually on my heavy soldier from Reich,Hanza

I d’ont have the model of any Metro games.

I have past all the last night on Google for found the gatling i have found nothing and i really need this for my Project and if is possible the heavy model but i can make custom heavy armor on Metro Style.

So if you want help me or ask im here.

I want this if it’s possible.

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I posted to raw files from the Metro series here, you can try looking through them and see if you can find the Gatling Gun and heavy soldier.

My old Metro gatling project
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Thank Hunting for your tutorial i have take my old save of 3ds max 2012 for take all i want :slight_smile:

Im fucking happy to see that machine in Nifskope thank really Huntingrifle very big kiss for you

I have some problem with texture and scale ind 3DS Max i view my gatling but in nifskope the texture are not here and the scale is very litlle any have solution?