Gaussrun - Deathrun with Gauss Cannon

Not so long ago, when I played deathrun, I thought, what if play deathrun with something interesting? And since I’m a fan of Half-Life, I decided to play deathrun with gauss cannon. I searched for working gauss for GM13, but I found nothing. So, I decided to write it independently. Then me and my friend made the gauss and I created some maps for it. So was born the Gaussrun.

Just the usual deathrun rules, but with Gauss.

Currently you can see it only on my server that works 24/7

Some screenshots:




That’s actually a pretty interesting idea, I thought it was just Deathrun with a Gauss cannon weapon.

This could get really popular !!

Was a bit confused at first since I don’t know what the gauss cannon is, but I watched the video and this gamemode looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely give this a go!

Fantastic idea.

Awesome idea!

I liked it.


Good idea, so fantastic, much interesting. Hueta ebanaya

Is there a death, if so it be a bit hard to keep up :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks really fun, nice job!

That’s a cool idea, I’ll stop by sometime

Looks alot like your Rocket Jumping, But only with a Gauss Cannon! :smiley:

Perfect gamemode! Looks great!


Back to HL1, nostalgic.

god i loved that thing in hl1

I love this.

Well, I went on the server when no one else was on, but it wouldn’t start, so I assume it needs more than one person to work.

Any chance you could leave a bot to idle on there or something?

Bots get kicked when no one is in the server.

This reminds me so much of Quake3.

I can add you in Steam, we could play by sometime

If you release this to the public how much would you sell it for?