Gawd Help!

>>>im n00b with this stuff,dont flame me<<<

I am scripting lua some time now…
i learned much about sweps and stuff like this
but now i am trying to make a swep with the css AK model
and things are good for now
i would like to get rid of the normal ak reload sounds
is it possible by the means of lua? :confused:

also,PLEASE don’t link me to a “intro to making sweps” or “beginners guide to lua” tutorials and shit…

I know i fail at spelling so dont complain

also im new here so i hope i didnt screw something up (like the thread location and stuff)

Please try and type English then im sure people will help you

“I know i fail at spelling so dont complain”

And i fixed it a bit.
Also english is not my first language so theres not much that i can do exept runing it trought a spellcheck.

Install google chrome or Firefox with the English dictionary plugin and we will actually be able to understand you.

Oh alright enough bitching we can understand him fine. If you’re deriving your SWEP from a base you’ll want to be changing SWEP.ReloadSound or something. Look in the base’s reload function to figure out what exactly.

Thanks god someone isnt a retard about my spelling.
Also il check it.