Gay Freeman

I’m working on a video that I hope to turn into a series assuming it’s funny/good enough. It’s been a pain and mostly I’ve spent countless hours getting lip-sync right, and then re-filming parts until I’m satisfied with them. I’m still not entirely sure how it’s going to turn out, I keep changing things and coming up with better ideas as I go. Hopefully I can pull this off though! Kinda new to animating ragdolls, in this promo video I believe I used a winch I think, or one of those tools. Used it on a bucket and a washing machine I had floating up while having the hand welded too the bucket lol.

One problem I have is I want to have a guy stand in a pose and when I press like numpad 5 he loses all constraints and goes flying. I don’t know how to do this. One idea I had was using “z” to undo all the constraints real quickly then press 5 just on time and send him flying. Another idea I have already filmed, was setting physics to 0 and then removing constratins, and then setting physics to 0.05 and filming it in slow motion and speeding it up in my editor.

Any ideas you guys have for animating ragdolls that might make it easier for me would be greatly appreciated! Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy my 11 second trailer & 10 second little promo I did. I think that alone took my 2 hours combined with filming, lip syncing, and voicing. I accept all criticism, my goal is to make my audience laugh. Hopefully I got some laughter out of you guys from that trailer :stuck_out_tongue:

Use [VIDEO]<YouTube Link>[/****VIDEO]

Edit: Yup got it thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha. I figured it out. It was the “https”. Guess these forums don’t accept secure urls :stuck_out_tongue:

that wasnt even funny

it was actually pretty offensive in a stupid way



Don’t continue this, please.

This is pretty good


No its not.

I’m ashamed of having to waste my Internet Streaming this pile of crap.

I’m trying to understand the third and fourth line of the intro

“cuhz alehxcks shei lahn hem… weth tha vortigaunt-YEH”