GAZ-66 Project

Due to recent events, I figured I would start a facepunch account and start posting things I build in Garry’s mod. So, here’s one top start. This is a Russian Light Service truck called the GAZ-66. Relatively large truck, and has been an awesome thing top build so far. I went for a very realistic and detailed truck and not a rock crawler. I handles decently offroad and has completed shady’s rock crawling course with minor suspension a nd steering adjustments.
Well, let’s dive into specs.
I used a relatively heavy chassis for the project. In all it weighs about 4,350 gmod weight units.
Uses a electric acf engine. I know. DOOD Y U NO USE TEH DEESEL ENJUNS LEIK IN RAEL LYFE?!?!?!
I used it for many reasons.
1: It has a very high amount of torque for only weighing 250 gmod weight units.
2: It is very light as I stated above.
3: It provides a fairly decent ,as my friends and I call, “Poor-man’s Turbo” sound. It’s not a turbo sound that’ll blow you away, but neither is it just plain out BS.
I would like to thank Tonycip for providing a holo wheel tread chip. Also thanks to Dooms day for aiding me on creating additional sounds the truck has which includes:
Air braking sounds W/ BoV
Truck Horn
Turbo BoV
Diesel sound to play over the current engine

NOTE: I have a lot of in-game comments on how identical it is to a picture I based this off of and asked me how I did it. I usually said something like “magic” just to kinda leave it interesting but here, I will say how.
I have a very good judgement of dimensions. I did NOT use any lengths, wheel base measurements, or anything of the sort. This truck IS life size and some many say,“Eh, it’s a little too big.” Reason for that is the avergae human being is around 5’9" and in gmod, the characters are only 4’5". If you were to stand a life size, model of a man bside the truck, they would fit together perfectly.
I also designed the chassis to reduce body roll, yet it still has full flexibility in the suspension. I use hydraulic suspension instead of leaf spring cause I didn’t want it too stiff.
I will post more recent photos as these are a few weeks old.
This truck is around 2-3 months old and is still in construction. I look forward to any positive ideas that I could implement in the project to make it just ever so slightly better.

Feel free to leave any suggestions you have and want to see on the truck


Having difficulties upload the photos. Will post in a few.

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In the mean time, my steam name is JC2Gamer1456. Feel free to look at the screenshots.

Diesel engines rarely have blowoff valves because they almost never have air intake throttle plates, and already have over 10:1 compression, so any backpressure can be handled.

Diesels arent supposed to be light, I dont understand why you would use an electric engine to “simulate” a diesel, why not just use apply-torque then? Even so, in a heavy duty truck, it`s not like your engine weight is going to matter unless you are making it an un-realistic weight.

It’s rather obvious why I used the electric. It is light. I won’ have to modify the suspension to get the truck to sit level. I put the BoV on the truck simply because I wanted to. Not a very hard concept to understand. And I never said I used the electric to simulate the diesel. I used it cause it was light and powerful. Nothing more.

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And to add to that. Applytorque e2’s are very impractical for road use. Very blunt way to gear it and it is very unstable at higher RPMs causing the wheels to react uncontrollably they will have themselves a little “shakedown” Anyone who has ever used AT will agree.

ApplyTorque is as practical as you make it; nothing to do with the function itself, and everything to do with the e2 knowledge of the person using it.

Not ncessarily. AT is used for rock crawling and such while acf is used for more vehicles that are applied to road uses. Hence the fact that in acf, you have you connect and engine, transmission, gearbox, differential, transfercase, etc…

It’s more practical than applytorque since applytorque has a very unrealistic way of emitting actual power. Engines, however, have a purpose and ogic behind how they work. I built this truck for detail and realism. If I wanted a rock crawler or just a non-realistic truck, I would have built it that way.

… its as realistic as you make it. What do you think acf mobility is, at its core [ its math ]? If you wanted, you could recode it entirely within e2.

And you realize how stupid and pointless it is to code an apply torque to act just as an acf engine does, when you could just use an acf engine? It’s as simple as this: I wanted to use acf, not applytorque. Ok?

That was never the argument. The point was this high-horse black magic mentality acf people tend to have
seems to stem from their lack of understanding of anything else. It’s fucking annoying, and
saying something is ‘unrealistic’ because you don’t know how to use it is stupid.

I understand ACF’s capability and it’s functions. Mostly because I’m good friends with a guy that re-coded ACF personally and made his own mod out of it. My problem is people coming onto this thread to tell me I did something wrong when I highly doubt dozendicks has ever even played Garry’s Mod before. Weight is always an issue and just because it is a heavy truck, does not meant it can hold up 900 gmod units of engine weight and stay level. There are certain factor I have to address and gmod can be very sensitive to things, also much more complicated than actualy engineering itself. If I want a new set of wheels on an independent suspension chassis I made, it’s not a simple as taking the wheel off and putting another on. I have to remove the wheel, position the next wheel exactly where the last was, re-rope the wheel to the chassis, re-apply the suspension be it hydraulic, elastic, or leaf spring, and then add a ballsocket from the wheel to the body/steering slave (which ever it has to be alligned to). My whole point in saying that is this: in Gmod, it is very hard to build things according to an actualy model. Hence why most builders build random models they create in their own imagination. Nowadays, many builders frown upon you for using Applytorque on vehicles modeled after a real vehicle. /:

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ANYWAYS, I got my pictures to upload so here they are. Mind they are a few weeks old.

It’s a little bit pointless to start an entire thread for the purpose of a contraption. This is what we have the W.I.P thread for.

If he finishes it and does it well, I can’t see why an interesting thread on this is a problem. I usually make threads for when I finish my stuff, so if he finishes it, it’ll be all fine.

I agree, but since it’s a not finished I throught it might be a better idea to keep it in the w.i.p thread.

Yeah, it might be the wrong way to post a WIP, but I’m not complaining about more contraptions threads in this section :v:

I’m relatively new to facepunch :v: Next time i Will.

Where the hell is Amplar when you need him…

If you simulate it with E2 then you can just make your engine any size and weight with any amount of power, you are not constrained to a specific set of regulations & limitations that create a challenge.

So yes, E2 is unrealistic.

Boundaries don’t make or take realism away from something, the ONLY thing that matters is the actual end result.

I think its more of the fact that most of the people that use E2 mobility do exactly what dozendicks said, make it stupidly powerful with 0 drawbacks from weight,acceleration,etc.

It’s all comes down to the builder. You can have builder #1 who mounts a 21 Liter V12 on a go-kart, then you turn around and see builder #2 coding all sorts of complex algorithms to limit his vehicle realistically.

What I’m trying to say is that you’ll always have people who strive for realism and people who “wanna be the fastest” regardless of the medium with which you build. E2 has no more potential for exploitation than ACF has.