Gaz runs away from a crashing helicopter

Tell me what you think of it. This is my first pose posted to facepunch, all the others are in fpsbanana. Inspired mostly by COD4 and the World In Conflict NYC trailer.

Pic music:

Posing on gas is good, but the DoF looks weird. What type did you use?

Thanks. Umm, im not sure what i used, i just tweaked the DoF until it looked good to me.

Try and make sure you can use Super DoF.

Great pic! But for me, the music doesn’t go very well with it

The only problems I see are the fact that there are guys diving from the CH53, and that its rotor blades aren’t spinning. You probably could’ve photoshopped it to make it look like they were, but oh well. Also, the map’s a bad choice as there’s only sky in the background

I CAN TELL YOU WHY PEOPLE DIE ALONG!!! I just love that song by the way as deri101 sad the music not really fits

the helicopter doesnt look like if its going/or to crash. Posing looks good, altough it could get a better camera angle.

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad youre liking the pic.

They aren’t diving, theyre flying out of it like in the WiC trailer. And the blades arent spinning because it got a critical hit and the blades stopped spinning :smiley: And i dont have photoshop. GIMP is the only photoshopping thing i have.

Bland scene.

But it got hit in the tail rotor and the main rotor would be spinning regardless due to aerodynamics >:|
You should put the guys falling out the back hanging on instead, because it looks like they’re skydivers who jumped way too late and from the wrong vehicle.

Anyway, it looks too early for them to have been thrown out of the chopper, because it’s only just recieved damage. Maybe if you had the chopper’s orientation reversed, but pitched backwards with a smoke trail showing what direction it’s travelling, it’d be more believable

Well, everything doesnt have to be 100% realistic…

It is quite a good scene, minus the little posing problems it would look really good. Maybe another map as well. Good job.