"Gazing Sauna"

I decided to tell a little story with my map.

And people still say video games can’t be art.

I’ll be continuing this over time. Expect updates soon fellow Facepunchers.

It looks pretty nice so far, I look forward to seeing it progress.

i don’t get it

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the map would look nice with some HDR by the way, simple yet cool.

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have an artsy

its blocky fail l2map

jk have an artistic

looks cool, could use some HDR and you need to align the textures on the dev-textured blocks.

Needs more Story, 2 drops in the pool to be exact!

I can’t see any sauna in that map.

I don’t understand, can someone explain this to me? It just looks like a grey room with some pretty simple architecture.

What’s the " story " you’re talking about?

This man speaks the truth

The scale seems horribly off. Getting out of that pool seems incredibly difficult. Not something you’d expect in a relaxing sauna.

I get the gazing part of the title, since it is formed as an eye, but the “story” is unclear to me…

Are you serious? I really can’t tell. At least you didn’t say “This represents…(emotion/struggle/postmodern society/conflict)”

Probably because he doesn’t know those words.

Jesus art is such an easy word to throw around haphazardly.

I like how I’ve been sitting on my Rapture thread for weeks because I don’t feel like I have enough content, and yet OP thinks this is thread-worthy

I like the grayscale look.

You know what, I think I realize the suckiness now. It was 3 in the morning when I made this thread and I hadn’t slept for about two days. I was kind of “out of it.” I probably shouldn’t have made a thread.