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gBattleship Current Features:
[li] 4+ Players instead of only 2, max 8 players.[/li][li] Colorful Control Board - Blue is Untried, White is a Miss, and Red is a Hit.[/li][li] Game Sounds – Launches, Explosions, Splashes, Ocean ambiance [/li][li] Spectator View - Live players can’t talk to dead players, admins can talk to everyone.[/li][li] Naval Rankings – The higher you get the better chance at special weapons and items[/li][li] Bots, if you add a bot it will play the game with you.[/li][li] Special Weapons (3 Special Weapons) – Acquired randomly after sinking a ship[/li][li] ---- Multi-Missile (Basic) - This will allow you to configure a triple shot within a 9 square block(3x3).[/li][li] ---- Multi-Missile (Full) - This will allow you to configure a number of shots equal to your rank within a 9 square block(3x3).[/li][li] ---- Multi-Missile (Extreem) - This will allow you to configure a number of shots equal to your rank within a 25 square block(5x5).[/li][/ul]

gBattleship Features Coming Sometime:
[li] Special Item (3 Special Items) – Found in empty squares randomly[/li][li] ---- Move Orders - Allows Player to move 1 ship to any unoccupied are on their grid - 1 Per Game - Per Player[/li][li] ---- Ship Mechanic - Allows Player to fix 1 damage to any ship - 1-2 Per Game - Per Player[/li][li] ---- Radar Jammer - When used this will make the players grid seem blank again to any player attacking them, lasts till next turn – 1-3 Per Game - Per Player[/li][li] Hazards (Just 1) – Placed randomly on grid when game starts[/li][li] ---- Mines – These will be places in random unoccupied squares, if hit they explode in either the + or x pattern, damaging nearby ships. If you use a Move order you may hit one.[/li][/ul]

Possible Features(some of these may get dropped):
[li] Different play modes, classic, realtime, random turn.[/li][/ul]

Basic Gameplay:
After joining, you will need to place your ships, right click rotates ship 90 degrees, left click places the ship. If you can not place a ship there it will flash red and not be placed.
Next you’ll be in your control room, if you press F3 you can see the over view of your ships again.
If a game has already started you must wait till it finishes.
If a game has not started press F4 when you are ready to player, after 2 players have given the ready the round will start in 30 seconds, with a 20 second count down.
After the game starts a random player is selected to go first.
The player who’s turn it is will be presented with an Attack selection dialog if there are more than 2 players in the game, this dialog show the other players names and how many ships they have left.
After selecting a player to attack, the control grid in the room will update to show what you have or haven’t done to them(hits are red square / misses are white).
Next simply put the cross hair on whatever square you want to attack and click, a missile will be launched and you’ll see the result in a second.
After sinking an enemy ship, you may receive a special weapon randomly, it will appear on the platform in the control room.
Green Missiles - Multi-Missile (basic) - 3 Spots total - rank 0 and Up
Yellow Missiles - Multi-Missile (full) - Up to 9 spots based on your rank - rank 5 and Up
Red Missiles - Multi-Missile (Extreem) - Up to 25 spots based on your rank - rank 10 and Up

If you have a special weapon you can look at it and press F2 to bring up the shot configuration menu.
In the menu you will see a blue grid, the center of the grid corresponds to where you click on the control grid.
To add a shot left click in an empty square, if it won’t let you place one then you are out of shots and must remove one from another square.
To remove a shot, right click on it, you can now place it in a different spot.

After you have configured your special weapon, press USE (usually e) and it will disappear, your next shot will use the special.

After that the next player will do the same thing.
Play continues until there is only one player left, that player wins.
The game resets and everyone starts over.

** Ranks and Requirements: **
Wins to Achive, Short Rank, Rank Name
[li]0 – E1 – Seaman Recruit[/li][li]10 – E2 – Seaman Apprentice[/li][li]20 – E3 – Seaman[/li][li]30 – E4 – Petty Officer 3rd Class[/li][li]40 – E5 – Petty Officer 2nd Class[/li][li]50 – E6 – Petty Officer 1st Class[/li][li]65 – E7 – Chief Petty Officer[/li][li]80 – E8 – Senior Chief Petty Officer[/li][li]95 – E9 – Master Chief Petty Officer[/li][li]110 – E9 – FFleet/Command Master Chief Petty Officer[/li][li]125 – E9 – Special MCPON Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy [/li][li]145 – W1 – Warrant Officer 1[/li][li]165 – W2 – Chief Warrant Officer 2[/li][li]185 – W3 – Chief Warrant Officer 3[/li][li]205 – W4 – Chief Warrant Officer 4[/li][li]225 – W5 – Chief Warrant Officer 5 [/li][li]250 – O1 – Ensign[/li][li]275 – O2 – Lieutenant Junior Grade[/li][li]300 – O3 – Lieutenant[/li][li]325 – O4 – Lieutenant Commander[/li][li]350 – O5 – Commander[/li][li]380 – O6 – Captain[/li][li]410 – O7 – Rear Admiral (lower half)[/li][li]440 – O8 – Rear Admiral (upper half)[/li][li]470 – O9 – Vice Admiral[/li][li]500 – O10 – Admiral Chief of Naval Operations / Commandant of the CG[/li][li]550 – O10S – Fleet Admiral[/li][/ul]


A quick note before the videos, My Computer hates recording videos, in game performance while not recording is good. I’m on a AMD Athlon X2 5200+, with 4GB memory and an nVidia GeForce 9400 GT with 512mb memory, not sure why videos get me so bad though.

WIP Videos:

Commentary: In this video it shows the basic control room with the control board running a test pattern, through the window you can see your ships(when I make them) and watch as they get destroyed, there is an invisible entity that will hold the ships in your grid. At the end I’m just showing there are 4 of them. I forgot to shut off the control screen while building cube maps, that’s what the huge block on the window is in the beginning.

Commentary: In this video it shows the functioning control grid, and bomb drops, and ship destruction, the video has comments, I’m tired and probably missed something.

Commentary: In this video it shows the new control grid, the attack selection menu, and grid switching, I commented the video with some of the bugs I need to fix. I still got a lot to do but it’s coming together.

NEW VIDEO 6.8.2011

Commentary: This video shows a few of the effects, but mostly it’s the early development of the ability for bot’s to play the game. I just fixed the placement bugs before posting this, so the video is already a little out of date. Next I need to fix the attack code so they don’t hit the same spot more than once. Then I’ll get back to the other features.

Instruction Screen

Score Screen

[li] Special Items[/li][li] Convar Options[/li][li] Admin Options Menu[/li][li] Implement possible features[/li][li] MORE![/li][/ul]

[li] Make dead players unable to communicate with live ones.[/li][li] Custom TAB scoreboard w/ Rank Images[/li][li] Player Ranks – Real US Naval Ranks [/li][li] Effects – Missile explosion, ship damage, ship death[/li][li] On join instructions, also Press F1 to view again.[/li][li] Custom ship models[/li][li] Turn System[/li][li] Winning[/li][li] Attack selection Screen[/li][li] Ship Sunk Notification (pending test)[/li][li] Game Sounds[/li][li] In Game / No In Game based on pressing F4[/li][li] Top View of ship grid by pressing F3[/li][/ul]

I’ll be updating this post and posting more as I get it done.

Content Dropbox: extract to the garrysmod folder, content should end up in right spot.

Map Development Info: This contains the vmf for the map that’s released with the game, and a HowToMap.txt with information on the entities and how they are used, also the fgd file.


Sounds: – Uses Creative Commons Licence
– Sounds used in whole or as part of an edit (number at beginning if tag number for site)
110317__Timbre__remix_of_62176_Fanfare_before_after_.wav – States they are public domain
– Sounds used in whole or as part of an edit



Rank Images – @ bottom of page)
Menu Background Base – - License on page

gabber /̵͇̿/'̿-̅-̅

Beta/Entry Download Link:
gBattleship 1.0 Entry / Beta Release If I make anymore changes tonight I’ll change it in the zip, since it’s drop box it should auto update.


NOTE: This is released tonight(6-13-2011), because I will be moving in the morning and will lose internet tomorrow, If you find any bugs, please post them.  I will have access to the internet back in about a month, until then I'll keep up on here when I can get a hold of a computer, so probably once or twice a week.  If there's a bad enough bug, I may fix it, throw a new release on a flash drive and upload it from a friend/relatives house, but I'll be job hunting and can not make it a priority till I'm employed.  

Thank you to everyone who has posted their support for this.

Good luck to everyone else in the contest, this has been fun.


I can’t wait! :neckbeard:

Looks pretty decent. Keep it up.

Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I liked the map. It made me want the room you’re in to be one of the battle ships that rumbled and had electrical problems when hit. That would be cool.

Sounds like a whole lotta util.ScreenShake :v:

Don’t forget to change that skybox :v:

Yea, well I might keep the same sky, but i’m going to hopefully get a decent 3d skybox working

Ok, some pictures this time, Oh how I wish we had [img_thumb] working any way…

Image Notes: This shot shows looking out at your ship grid, and the 1 ship I have made so far, in hammer, I tried blender but for some reason hammer is easier, not as robust though.

Image Notes: This is the same ship and grid, but with an overhead view, the ship isn’t officially placed, I just threw it down to make sure I measured right, and it fits as expected(well after I align it to the grid).

Image Notes: This shot is just like the first from a different angle, I may have got camera happy, I’ve been working on this off and on throughout the day whilst trying to pack.

I would add these to the OP but, without the ability to auto thumb them, down here is just fine.

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Ok, last update for the night, time to watch Mythbusters.

I completed the 3D skybox, now all you can see is the sea in all directions. I also raised the command center up to give a better view of the grid. No more comments just 4 pictures.

And tomorrow, more ships and hopefully some actual game play coding instead of all these entities.:smile:

The viewpoint is too low to the grid (particularly if the rest of the board were filled with ships).

I plan on having a top down view available on demand, also for placement i’m going to either use a custom textured menu, or have people place ships in the top down view. I was kinda going for being on another ship that’s out of the battle grid just a little ways. Attacks will be commanded using the in room control grid, since you aren’t supposed to see the other peoples grids anyway, thanks for the feed back, I may try raising it another 128 or 256 units to see how it looks.

[editline]2nd June 2011[/editline]

Ok, so I raised it up and i’ll agree it does look better, but I can’t go any higher than the shot below or you can’t see the start of the grid, if someone wants to see the whole grid without ships in the way they’ll need to use the top down view.

Finished the ships, they’re all the right size for the grid, but I am no modeler so they aren’t that pretty. Now, to some coding.

I hope this gamemode wins

I hope there’s awesome explosions, let’s be honest, the board game would be cooler with explosions too

Commentary: In this video it shows the functioning control grid, and bomb drops, and ship destruction, the video has comments, I’m tired and probably missed something.

I also added this video to the OP.

It’s looking nice but something idk what it is makes the gamemode seem ‘eh’-ish, I think it’s the map but whatever, still going to play :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is the map. Once all the coding is done he can loot at how things look. Maybe an island off in the distance as a 3d skybox. Some background noises maybe even every 5 or 10 mins have something scripted into the map a plane fly’s over head.

Explosions would be nice.

Also, what would be even nicer would be seeing a plane drop the bombs. Not sure how hard this would be implementing.
I agree with the above post, there should be background noises (possibly toggle-able music), and some scripted events that take place every now and then. Nothing fancy, maybe just a ship driving by in the distance, or as said above: a plane that flies by every now and then.

Well as I said this could be done but it would have to be done in the map. By hammer editor and you would have the boat/plane going by with a funk_tracktrain. If a plane it would need to be a long path away and back if it was to be every 5 mins. A boat simply going around would be much simpler. And I don’t know if you could make it toggle-able. If that was so you would have to make an admin room with buttons for it.

Well at the moment, everything is still WIP, but I do plan on spicing up the map some.

Right now i’m just at the game play testing phase, after I get it completely playable then i’m going to start adding things to make everything prettier.

I had thought about having a plane drop the bombs, and i’ll probably do it, but it bugs my mind that if you have a plane flying over shouldn’t they be able to report the ship’s positions? Which of course they won’t. My other thought was to go with a missile in stead of a bomb, that way it have been sent from way off.

So yea, I agree, my WIP definitely needs some polish.

Just had one more thought, missiles until the last shot then that’s a big bomb(maybe a nuke?) dropped by a plane. So if you have one ship, and it’s gonna be destroyed it calls the alternate attack, and kills the player too. Then the player can silent spectate till the round is over, well silent to the living players.

WAIWO Today: Ship Placement

You could have a ship in the distance that drives around the edges of the map and the missile launches from their. That way it looks like something actually deployed it ?