GBay - A Garry's Mod marketplace!
Welcome to GBay

What is GBay?
GBay is a Garry’s Mod marketplace for DarkRP! GBay is PACKED with tons of features your players will love! Here’s a list of some of the GBay features!

1.) Nice ebay looking design
2.) Custom materials with workshop addon
3.) Nice loading screen featuring moat’s fireworks!
4.) Loading bar to check progress on loading
5.) TMySQL4 saving
6.) Sidebar to show many… many different thinks
7.) Minimize feature to close the menu but keep it open in background to re-open for later! (useful for config and many other things)
8.) In-Game configuration
9.) MailNPC to deliver items
10.) Player rep system
11.) Banning system
12.) Admin system
13.) Ads system
14.) Tax system
15.) Fee for posting
16.) Notifications for players
17.) Updates tab - always keep up to date!
18.) Help tab to watch videos related to GBay help
19.) Admin panel
20.) Selling shipments
21.) Selling services
22.) Selling entities
23.) Player dashboard
24.) Quantity selection
25.) Order page
26.) Receipt
27.) Edit items
28.) Remove items

Planned Features
1.) Coupons
2.) In-game issue reporting
3.) New mysql stuff
4.) Website


1.)Loading Screen

2.) Main Menu

3.) Main Menu + side bar opened with player dashboard

4.) Main Menu + shipment entry

5.) Order Page

6.) Order Page + players dashboard

7.) Order Page + receipt

8.) Updates page

9.) Help page

What are services?
Services are items that can be sold. Lets say for example you and some friends want to build bases for players on your fav server! Well now you can sell the service and advertise it people can buy it and you can then give them that service!

What do i do if there is an error?
Well you can discuss it here but i would rather you make a post here OR you can click the support button on the GBay website (link now here!)

Ok sweet I want this addon! Now what?
You can download this addon for free here (from github)

Why is this gem free?!?
Well i want to get my rep back up with some projects by releasing them open source! I have plans to make a “pro” version and sell that one but we will see!

What do i need to run GBay?
You will need the following
1.) TMySQL4
2.) Add the content pack to FastDL (you can find the pack here)
3.) Watch the video below to install!

Heres a quick video to help install!

I would like to give credits to the following:
1.) Beast - Helping me with some things alone the way and giving me support one dirty snapchat at a time :wideeye:
2.) Moat - Open source fireworks GUI thingy for my loading screen and giving me perms to use it!
3.) Sir Klutch - Help with testing (put up with me)

Seeing this come up in the “read” section, I was expecting another half-complete ScriptFodder competitor. However, what you’ve done here is really quite impressive! This must’ve taken a lot of effort, and judging by your media, it’s paid off. Well done :slight_smile:

Thank you so much this means a lot yes the name is kind of deceiving but this is not a scriptfodder remake for anyone else thinking that!

Thanks again!

Can I ask why you decided to go with TMySQL4 instead of MySQLoo V9?

Such a great add-on that I am sure players will enjoy.

Well I have always been a fan of TMySQL4 and learned how to use that one first also i have asked around and it seems that TMySQL4 is better then MySQLoo (as fromm what i have heard) if people really request it i will add options to use either one but i feel better with TMySQL4 for now!

Thanks! Also thanks for testing!

tmysql4 is dead from what I’ve seen so far
(at least the thread is)

tmysql4 is dead. MySQLOO v9 was rewritten from scratch fixing all the flaws mysqloo v8 had.

Pretty unexploitable from what i can tell but yes tmysql4 is dead (the thread) but i still love it and it still works!

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Yeah i will look into mysqloo support

I love the concept of this. I can’t wait to use it!

Oh my god it’s even open source and MIT

what a god

Looks amazing!

11/10 release, so far anyway! One thing I’d recommend is making the minimized panel come back up when pressing control, and only control. Someone may be trying to spring, or fast noclip to a different location and it’ll bring up the UI again.

Glad to hear you like it!



Good idea I will add this in when I come out with bug fixes or new features!

I was looking through the screenshots and saw that when the user has no feed back, it shows “nan%” positive feedback. Maybe change that to show “0%” or “not enough feedback given” instead. One question, is the rank system specific to gBay or is it using the admin mod permissions? Anyways, maybe change superadmin to “Moderator” or “gBay Currator”? Besides all of the suggestions this addon looks fantastic, I especially love the GUI work.

Yeah i will change that i noticed it however never really bothered to change it to 0 or something. The rank system is only with gbay meaning users (via ulx) can be Superadmin on gbay! Currently there are admin and superadmin ranks and ill look into a name change! Also… Thanks!

Nice to see it’s finally released.


thanks… i guess thats all i say about this post wink

He changed the post after reading some more lol

I haven’t played gmod in a while but geez this looks really well made, especially for being free and open source.