Gbombs 4

This addon will be continued by baldursgate3.

Gbombs is a constantly growing pack of explosive entities which origins go way back to the Teta Bonita’s TNT Entity. The whole thing started long time ago when I fiddled around with Teta’s TNT and thought about modifying it.
Simply modifying the damage values, and those lua driven particles, I’ve created Gbombs 1 and 2. After this people got interested in this, and our little team formed. We’ve had a modeller - Chipstik ( I tip my hat to you sir) - and people who gave us ideas.
Gbombs 3 was a rather big pack with particle effects which were way better than those from versions 1 and 2. We also had nice models and textures. But it still was Teta Bonita’s TNT code and the whole addon was buggy.
And that’s when I thought about letting the old code base rest in peace and start everything from scratch. It wasn’t easy as I really had no idea what I was doing with the code, and the code base was rewritten at least 5 times from scratch.
Then LEETNOOB helped me greatly by building entire code base from scratch. After this the project took another turn and I’ve decided to rewrite the code base once again from scratch. The team grew, Alexojm joined us as a modeller and texturer, and then
Squeegy Mackoy and Captain Forever with Starchick971 completed the crew as modellers and texturers.

And now we’re here with Gbombs 4 - The biggest pack of explosive entities ever made for Garry’s Mod.

The Entities

There are a few types of entities.
Dumb entities - this is no rocket science, they are usually explosive barrels, they explode after getting shot or slammed into something hard enough.
Advanced entities - mostly bombs - in order to be detonated, they need to be armed. You can arm them by pressing the “Use” button on them, by using wire or by damaging/slamming them.
Rockets - they also need to be armed before detonation, and they have an engine which can be activated by pressing “Use” button on them, or by using wire or by damaging/slamming them(1/10 chance of this happening).
Rounds - Identical to Rockets, those are usually mortar rounds, shells etc.
Mines - they are advanced entities with some modifications to make them react to being pushed after arming.
NBC - those are non spawnable entities which simulate nuclear/biological/chemical agents and deal damage over time to player.

Console commands

You can turn off the accidental arm/launch of entities when they are damaged or slammed with gb_fragility console command.
If you don’t want to arm/launch entities with your USE key, you should change the gb_easyuse console command.
For cinematic or public purposes, you can stop gbombs from unfreezing and removing constraints by changing gb_unfreeze and gb_deleteconstraints console commands.

If you want to check the console commands, simply write !gb in your chat and you’ll be reminded!


**This addon comes with a little physics enhancement that allows entities and props to travel at much faster velocity than Source’s default.
If you don’t want this, simply delete the following file



**The biggest bug is the ability to crash the server with Garry’s duplicator. Duplicating some of the entities and pasting them after deleting the old one causes the server to crash. This happens both in singleplayer and multiplayer.
You can fix this by getting Advanced Duplicator 2 and allowing admins to spawn Gbombs to prevent crashing.
For now I cannot fix this because I simply have no idea why that happens with Garry’s duplicator.

Pics and clicks!

[IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_nebel16.png[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_nebel14.png[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_nebel11_obsolete.png[/IMG_THUMB]
[IMG_THUMB] Pictures/alexo_aimine2.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/alexo_mam-1.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_250lb.jpg[/IMG_THUMB]
[IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_goliath.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_nebel3.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/capn_nebel10.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] Pictures/chap_asraam2.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_asraam3.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_atmine4.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/chap_bazooka2.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_bazooka3.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_c42.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/chap_c43.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_canister2.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_cookie2.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/chap_cookie3.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_mininuq4.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_mininuq3.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/chap_mortar6.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_puf12%2Balexo_puf12_3.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_spreng1.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/capn_stielhandgranate2.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_tomahawk1.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/chap_tnt.jpg[/T]
[IMG_THUMB] Pictures/grenade_explo2.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/ion_explo.jpg[/IMG_THUMB][IMG_THUMB] Pictures/medium_explo.jpg[/IMG_THUMB]
[T] Pictures/phosphorous_explo.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/tomahawk4.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/tomahawk5.jpg[/T]
[T] Pictures/gm_flatgrass0007.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/grenades.jpg[/T][T] Pictures/panzershrecks.jpg

It is advised to get Advanced Duplicator 2 if you don’t want to crash your game/server to fuck and back by using Garry’s duplicator.

**It is also advised to modify your config, and use phys_pushscale 5. This will make all explosions throw stuff around better, and will fix the stock, default hl2 explosives forces too. **

Huge thanks to the whole Gbombs crew for hard work and help!

**LEETNOOB **- Initial code base, huge help with lua
Squeegy **Mackoy **- Coding Help, Modeller, Texturer
**Captain Forever **- Modeller, Texturer
Matt Hoffman - Modelling Help
StarChick971 - Modeller, Texturer
Alexojm - Modeller, Texturer
Nick Seavert - Particle Textures, Particle Artist
Chappi - Coder, Particle Artist

Official Gbombs group


**Workshop (in parts) or


Amazing! I’d love to see this finished!
Perhaps add an option for underwater-explosion-effects?

I’ll see into it!

Sick as usual man!

Added special water-particles now.

Do the gibs act like shrapnel?

Yeah they gain velocity via the bomb’s phys explosion.
They deal damage to you at medium-high ranges, and at close range they mostly kill you all the time.

Alexojm made me anti-infantry and anti-tank mine models <3

The anti infantry mine can explode if you shoot it, but in order to make it explode upon npc/player contact you have to activate it by pressing E.

From that point you can hear a sound which indicates that it is armed.
(The smoke is for me, so I can easily see if I activated it or not I might or might not leave it in the relase).

Looks amazing, certainly keeping my hopes up for HD destruction.

Do you need any other models made. I just recetly started learning modeling for gmod. I already new how to model with 3ds due to the fact I do animation. But are the props essential just a prop and you just need the model file?

If you could do some artillery/mortar shells then it would be nice.

I’d also need this one

that looks really realistic

So, How would one go into adding their own bombs? I would love to add some of my own and mess with some stuff if that is okay with you.

Cześć Failure. Mniej Polskiego, więcej angielskiego:
I think you should somehow integrate Gbombs with Armored Combat Framework. ACF has best damage system, very realistic. And it has sliders to set properties of stuff!

You basically create a new folder with init.lua and paste the code from OP and edit it :stuck_out_tongue:
The good thing about this is that the base is kept independently so you have to edit few lines instead of going through all of the code.

No cóż :3
I really like ACF, but at the moment I really have no idea how to integrate it. I’d need to contact it’s creators or something but the whole project is put on hold a bit due to real-life things and the fact that the incoming gmod update will probably break gbombs anyway.

But no worries, they are coming!

This will be released or have a beta or something? I like test it! This look very nice.

wow great effects!

Work Work

Nuke dat beetch :zoid:

After a long time I’ve managed to get some stuff done.

At the moment bombs have a small random explosion delayer to help with the framerate when detonating lots of stacked bombs.

So far we’ve got a small and big high explosive bomb, anti infantry and anti tank mine and a cluster bomb.

Also we’ve got a supply crate that drops randomized aid and ammo items when destroyed.

Mines do not work like in my earlier video, they are just normal shoot to detonate entities with small models, but for the time being wire can’t be integrated seamlessly because at the moment wire tends to conflict with my explosion delayer.

But I plan to add wire support, so no worries. I’ll put a video up soon.