Gbombs 4

3 hours ago :open_mouth:

seems like you dont live to your name, Failure.

keep at it.

also, are the effects all scripted or did you use the particle editor?

Those effects are done only via the particle editor.

Looks really good man.

Awesome, good to know this is still alive.

Awesome. By any chance, will there be nukes with real radiation/fallout?

Sorry if I am being pushy but is there any progress?

There are going to be two nukes and I’ll try to give them proper radiation.

There is a little bit of progress :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow looks pretty good!

Hot damn that’s fancy. Gonna try and do impact triggers with them as well?

Wonder if you could get the angle calculations that exact in Lua…

They detonate on impacts now

Well yeah, but that’s if you slam them hard enough into the ground.

I’m also talking about setting them off by hitting the ground with the nose, since that’s where the detonator for the bomb is, right?

Oh I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ll just add wire support for more advanced detonation management.

Hot hell. Will this have as many bombs as gbombs 3? I love variety.

Well, sadly not. But the explosions are more detailed thanks to orangebox particle system. I cannot give you the exact number of bombs in the pack, but at the moment I have 9 explosive entities + supply crate and a RPG swep.

What I’m hoping to see is a nuclear ICBM with wire support, built-in thrusters and an awesome thermonuclear warhead with up to 9 warheads inside. Includes camera. If it’s possible.

Also, sorry to sound pushy like the other guy, but when will this be released if you can say?

More progress, thanks to alexojm for making models of mines and the nuclear bunker buster.

Could someone give me any insight how to improve the nuke bunker buster explosion you can see at the end of the video? At the moment it’s pretty much twice of normal bunker buster explosion plus more sparks and glow.

Looking good hope you get the ideas you need to improve it.

For the nuke bunker buster, I would make the particle amount for the sparks and whatnot, a lot higher. I would also make it have less smoke and more fire-y particles. But that’s just my 2cents.

Just a heads up. We’ve got 22 entities so far.