Gbombs 5 - graphical anomally

So here’s the situation, I’ve got a problem with the G-Bombs 5 addon, but only with the big nuclear bombs, the rest of it works fine.

When I set one of the nukes off I get a strange graphical glitch in the form of a large area of the skybox taking on that weird glitchy appearance that can only be described as the “Windows XP solitaire effect”

And here are screenshots of it happening in-game.

Below image is what it looks like even when I look away from the explosion effect, this “ribbon” of xp solitaire victory persists.

-Note that this glitch only lasts a few seconds, part way through the explosion effect, it returns to normal.

Now, here’s the interesting part; this only happens on maps that I’ve compiled within the last year, it does NOT happen on flatgrass, construct, gm_atomic, cs:s maps or HL2 campaign maps. It is ONLY happening on my maps that I’ve been compiling, and I have tried compiling using several different game’s bin hammers, all produce the same result.

Also, another anomaly unique to my maps, possibly related, is the default physics prop shadows that are normally produced by light_environments, are absent when testing my map in Garry’s Mod, but show up just fine in Half-Life 2.

No leaks
No errors what so ever during compiling.
compiled with HDR/LDR lighting

The map I’ve been using as a test bench during my investigation is basically the same as the old flatgrass map. Just a big box with sky and a dirt floor + lighting and cubemaps. Nothing fancy at all.

I feel as though I have exhausted every possibility that I can think of, so if anyone has any idea what might be causing this, I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions.

thanks for the vmf the only problem i could find is your skybox is to cose to the edge of the grid, you need to be aleast 512units from the edge all around as ichanged the skybox seting to whats listed here for th ky texure you used , i would also add env_cubemaps and then build them also maybe add a fog env to reduce draw distance

Thanks for the reply.

I forgot to mention that I get the same issues even on very small maps. What do you mean about the sky, I’m not sure I understand. Also, this map already has a cubemap and fog controller, I did try setting the far z plane in the fog controller to different settings to no avail.

I’m pleased to announce that I have solved the mystery.

It turns out, that in order for the Gbombs 5 nukes to properly propagate their visual effects, the map you’re playing on NEEDS to have a 3d skybox.

Tonight I dug up an old map of mine from 2008 and loaded it up and blew off a nuke. Same anomaly.

Now, this really got me thinking, because this map is over 8 years old and even compiled on a different computer. So I sat and thought, ok, there must be something that the authors of these other maps are doing that I’m not doing. 3d skyboxes crossed my mind earlier in my investigation, but I guess I just failed to realize that every single map that I was testing on NOT made by me, just so happened to have a 3d skybox. But tonight, I finally noticed this, so I add a quick 3d skybox to my map, and lo and behold, the G-bombs 5 nukes finally look as they should.