**Update 2/23 we’ve decided to also add a TDM/CTF part to the gamemode were still working on the name **

Update 1/21 Added Perks And Classes

Update 1/17 Exp system finished

GCampaign is Co-op gamemode for Garry’s mod. In this gamemode you fight trough different maps,while doing this you will gain exp (To upgrade your stats) and money from killing npc’s. With this money you can buy new sweps, hats, clothes and more.

This gamemode uses 2 types of servers, one is like a "lobby’’ server where you can hang around but also buy stuff from npc’s and trade with other players. The purpose of the lobby is also to join the “Fighting” servers where you can join the Co-op missions.

This is still a WIP gamemode and we are adding new stuff every day!

Alvaro - Lua Coding
Syl3rr - Mapper/GFX
BigSnake - Mapper
J!m (J-B) - Mapper

Lua Coding
Exp System - DONE
Gamemode Core - 10% (Need to do derma menus player clans probably quests and selectable misions oh and the xp system)
Store - 80%
Npc Stuff - 50% (I need to give more weapons to the player when he does a special kill aka headshots prop kills etc)
Weapons - 99% (I need to test a lot of weapons to see what feel better for the gamemode)
Hud - 10% (Only have the photoshop example)
Perks - 50%
Classes - 10%

Testing spawning/npc’s etc - 70% (Just need to test some small things)

Level 1, Prison - 10% (Did some mapping but not really much)

Community Website - 0% (Still have to start on it)
Forums 0% (Same as the website didn’t really start to work on it)

‘Dual Mags’ - Gives you double the ammo for a clip - 0%
‘Monk’ - Regenerates your health faster - 0%
‘Exp whore’ - Gain 5% exp bonus - 0%
‘Marathon Runner’ - Run faster - DONE
‘Expert Marathon Runner’ - Sprint faster - DONE
‘Jump frenzy’ - Jump higher - 0%


Ability Menu





Lemme guess - No public release planned?

Any pictures or more info? Website?

There coming this week when were going to do some testing!

Sounds good.
It certainly looks promising, and I’ll make sure to try it out.

You could host the lobby server and let others host the actual co-op servers, just have you add the IPs.

As soon i get the Store working ill upload a screenshot

Added the ability store with some nice menu’s!

Ability Menu

Kenyaness was mai idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

This gamemode is totally awesome. Syl3rr forced me to say this.

Seems like alot of mapping will be required for this, and not anybody can make this.

Sir, eat my babies.

A lot of mapping in the last week, we also did some brain storming and came up with 2 additional features:

Inspired by Call of Duty, you unlock them when you gain a rank (level) we might add more than listed in the above post

Not ‘strict’ classes but way more loose, weapons are not bound to a class they only thing that changes it is that every class has some special ability’s (Extra health, medic kit etc.) for weapon choose and perks you are completely free.

We did this to add more depth and features into customizing your character to suit your playing style.

This looks freaking awesome, can’t wait until it gets released.
When it does, I’ll probably host a server with it :dance:

Here are some extremely early WIP screenshots of the first level

That looks very nice

I was thinking of making something like this. Great work. Seems like it would work well as a gamemode base.

Cool, reminds me of pre-Steamworks Synergy.

Public release?

Dude, that is a pretty epic whiskey house.

My team gets flammed saying its to much like GMTower and this is even more like it that ours and he doesnt get the slightest remark? It’s a strange world >.>