GCC Coordinator

I know a lot of people are unhappy about what happened with the last contest. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. I have a job that occupies my time 24/7.
  2. My judges had a small window of time before my job started and 2 of the 3 missed it without notifying me which made it impossible to ask my backups to do anything.
  3. I will continue to administrate the GCC for the time being, but I need someone to help be the new coordinator.

I want people to volunteer in this thread.

The Coordinator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to…

  1. Choosing a contest theme, announcing contests, and dealing with publicity.
  2. Selecting and rounding up judges.
  3. Gathering entries and coordinating prizes.
  4. Managing the Twitter feed, Facebook page, and www.gmodgcc.org.
  5. Staying active in the community and giving positive feedback on gamemodes.

It’s a big deal, so I’ll understand if not many people volunteer. Whoever I choose will receive a more detailed guide to running the GCC with a list of do’s and do-not’s that I’ve learned through experience.

As a sign of good faith to the previous entrants who spent so much time making some awesome gamemodes, I’ll see to it that all of you receive a prize before the next contest starts.

I’ll volunteer.

I love to script, I love events like these. I’m pretty active.

I’ve got general Linux knowledge, and all in all I think I’d do pretty well. I don’t really have ‘a name’ but I’ve contributed to a few notable projects.

Good luck finding someone suitable Grea$e.

Are you still teaching kids hammer and having there parents pay you hundreds of dollars for it?

I can follow instructions and have enough free time for this, in addition to having experience both participating and judging.

I am pretty active, have a ton of free time, and have experience organizing and participating in many contests and tournaments, most notably for Debate via NFL, UIL, and TFA, as well as many other UIL events such as ready writing, and the lot. I have played Garry’s Mod since early GMOD 9, and have been active in many communities and gamemodes such as RP, Spacebuild, Build, Fretta, and TTT. I’ve also an avid love for coding, and prefer an original and fun gamemode to a bland and generic one. I also have references, such as the notable Hammer Mapper Oskutin, who can vouch for me, as I worked with him administrating a server. I hope you at least give my application a second glance, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

I have already voiced my wish to help via email. About the thing with “post activity” I don’t post much because I usually find I’m posting stuff people have already said, I only post if its worth posting.

Perhaps you could put in more than one coordinator? Certainly, you should keep control, so you can actually get things done, but it is certainly going to be a bit more of a job than I think most people would want to handle alone, to help prevent burnout. If you feel like it, you could also rotate the coordinators to keep things fresh. I’m just saying this so we don’t end up with one guy who does it for a while, then gets trapped in life like you, and the GCC dies again.

I agree, either a schedule, or term limit. Such like a president.

Not a bad idea. I guess I’ll get 3 people to start and see how things go.

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Also, in terms of the good-faith prize, how does $10-15 sound for each entrant?

Could those who want to be a GCC coordinator email me at geekwithalife@gmail.com


Very interesting, although the 10/15 dollar entry fee doesn’t sound that good. It may deter some which means less prize money so less entrants overall. Also not that I’m in a position to suggest such a thing, but allow the community to become more involved, maybe allow them to vote and their entire votes are equal to the judges entire vote value (split 50/50).

Read my post again. I said good-faith prize to those who entered last time.

Ah soz was reading on an ipod, and my other idea still stands.