GCC Entry: Pursuit

Well this is my entry to the GCC contest themed Crime BETA

It is themed around the style of the Need For Speed: Most Wanted police chases.

VIDEO: (Video quality is rubbish I know blame a 0.3mb upload ;p, I’m not wasting my time sending a day uploading a really nicely edited high quality video)

As you can see alot of bugs lets say and the vgui stuff is not complete.
Yes I know the bar spazzis alot its a bug ;p

Planned features include:

  • End of chase scene
  • Start of chase scene
  • More radio chatter
  • Police can “taunt” the escaper (so they shout “pull over now” that type of thing)
  • Road block deployment
  • Global cash to buy something (new cars possibly)

Feel free to comment and suggest additions or changes. I don’t want anny comments saying it sucks because its buggy I know that its beta ;p

Make another type of camera for the cars please


Can you elaborate or define in more detail what you mean by “another type of camera”.

Pretty cool, should run it on gm_bigcity or something bigger though.

Why didn’t I think of that? That’s perfect! Thanks for that suggestion!.

Son of a bitch this is exactly what I was going to do, only on gm_bigcity

I’m out of the contest then >:(

[sp]Nice entry though, it looks really cool :D[/sp]

Ha sorry ^.^ I still need to config it for gm_bigcity.

Havn’t done alot of work on it recently because I was busy with alot of other things :confused:

Any news? This is pure awesome gamemode :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the Main GCC thread.

I want to play this. Like, badly.