GCC: Melonracer Contest Results

Gamemodes can be downloaded here: www.gmodgcc.org/#gamemodes

If any of you entrants plan to update your gamemodes, just give me a new link to a release thread or svn where people can find a more recent version of your gamemode.

Here are the reviews:

I decided in the spirit of the GCC to review these gamemodes even though I’m not a judge. My reviews don’t count toward a winner, so this is purely for the developers.

1st - Donkie (Donkie’s Melonracer)
2nd - Hentie (Racing Gods)
3rd - Drakehawke (Escort)
4th - Nick (Rubber Walks)
5th - Frag (Frag’s Melonracer)

I will be contacting winners to discuss prizes.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the making, testing, and judging of the gamemodes.

I did say to you in my email where I had obtained the HUD from Grea$eMonkey, maybe you missed it?

I never wanted to win, just wanted to take part and say I tried to get involved with something on FP, Uni work is 1st priority so this was something I picked up for an hour or two in the final week.

Also noticed that my GM only works in Single Player by the way, not sure why, ah well this was my first time working with a GM, not sure if I will be doing it again.

The fact that a bug (with spectating players able to pickup stuff) turned into a funny feature was kinda cool, maybe I should make something out of that.
It was fun playing the other gamemodes, Nick’s was hilarious!

Congratulations on first place!

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I know I’m kind of jumping the gun here, but when is the next contest?

You mean like how spectators in TTT can push props?

Well, maybe winners would be able to try and delay those who already race, would give it a nice twist.

Probably early spring when I have time off to organize a new one, so not for a few months. I already have some ideas for the next contest.

From the sounds of the reviews, it looks like the entries were all lackluster and ridden with errors. Maybe next contest have it last longer?

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The point wasn’t to have fully polished gamemodes. Now that the gamemodes had a big test and review the developers should continue working on them. I’d really love to see some of these finished and put on a dedicated server.

I had no idea this was happening. You should let me know so I can post news on garrysmod.com.

To late :smiley: