GCC: New Contest (Happy 4th of July!)

Happy 4th of July to the Americans in my time zone! This time we’re doing things the old-fashioned way. This contest will last till July 30th, so get started on your gamemodes fast, cause you’ve only got about three weeks!

Theme: Recycling - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Twist: There is none. What a twist! - M. Night Shyamalan

Start Date:

07/4/2010, 09:00 PM, GMT[-5]

End Date:

08/9/2010, 11:59 PM, GMT[-5]

Countdown: Click on the image to see a countdown.

[ul][li]bekka2712 has generously donated 40 dollars worth of steam games to the winner.[/li][li]Robbis_1 has generously donated a Dark Messiah Might and Magic CD Key.[/li][li]iRzilla has generously donated a gifted copy of Half-Life 2.[/li][/ul]
If you have any prizes to donate, or if you’d like to be a judges in the contest, just post in this thread. I’ll be selecting judges about a week before the contest ends.

:siren: Look at the rules thread before starting! :siren:

And remember kids…

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Ok so let me get this straight. There is only 1 theme and no twists. Is that it?

That’s right.

Recycling has to be a gameplay aspect, or can we, for instance, recycle old concepts?

It needs to be a gameplay aspect. You could get clever and use recycling as a metaphor though, but it still needs to be a fairly direct gameplay aspect. Recycling an old gamemode concept as your game theme would defeat the purpose of themes.

I think I may actually join this one.

I actually have some ideas for this theme. :v:

There’s an idea floating around there somewhere in my brain, I just gotta flesh it out in time.

Ugh whats next? Global Warming Apocolyspe theme? I’f so i might just shoot myself i cant stand all the damn tree huggers i understand that littering is bad i respect that i do recycle but lets leave that out of our video games I mean realy! i thought cartoon network already tried this? Btw global warming is real but HUMANS ARE NOT the cause of it its a natrual cycle.

Dude, it’s just a theme. Chill. The first gamemode contest theme was gardening.

But I might do a Global Warming Apocolyspe theme next just to spite you. :v:

Hot damn, then I’m all ready for next month’s competition, too! Woo! :toot:

Hehe that might be cool… but it’s ok my nerd rage is over.

So how many people are planning on entering this one?

I migth try to participate,(first gamemod! lest do this!), i will try my best…=D

I am for sure.

Depending on how well I can manage my time, and how well things go according to plan, I may have two entries to submit.

As it is, I’ll most definitely have at least one. In fact, I alt-tabbed from working on it to check on this thread - hence this post.

Quick question regarding the competition - should we only make threads for our entries when they’re completed, or use them as WIP threads? (when there’s something to show, obviously.)

I think I might try, I have idea. Does anyone have a good fretta skeleton?

I released one a while ago.

It’s not really finished, but that’s about all you’ll need.

Sounds good so far i hope to see some badass shit and i also hope for the oppertunity to judge :D.

I’d like to test my lua skills. I always work on things but never actually finish them because i don’t have any modelers/mappers to help me :P.

This time I actually have a concept. I will start working on it once I polish it a bit more.

Fantastic. I hope we get more gamemodes in this time.