GCC: We're back baby!

Okay everyone, you’ve casted your votes so here’s the verdict:
[li]Work on gamemodes/concepts from list. - 41 votes[/li][li]Start with a list of gamemode concepts to make. - 30 votes[/li][li]Let people choose what gamemode/concept they make. - 40 votes[/li][li]Have a twist like we used to. - 42 votes[/li][li]grea$eonkey (Heh, I made an alt) is cool. - 57 votes :buddy:[/li][/ul]
Summarized: We have a list of gamemode themes that entrants get to choose from, twists are back, and I’m cool.

Start Date:

04/19/2010, 05:00 PM, GMT[-5]

End Date:

07/1/2010, 11:59 PM, GMT[-5]

Countdown: Click on the Lua icon to see a countdown.
[ul][li]bekka2712 has generously donated 40 pounds worth of steam games to the winner.[/li][li]iRzilla has generously donated a gifted copy of Half-Life 2.[/li][/ul]
Themes: Choose one.
[li]Abstract Strategy[/li][li]Entertainment[/li][li]Psychedelic[/li][li]Risk/Chance[/li][/ul]
I think people should be able to choose their twist, so here’s a short list I put together. Everyone must choose at least one twist from the list. You may choose more than one if you like the challenge.

Twists: Choose at least one.
[li]The game must be Isometric.[/li][li]Players need to be either tiny or huge.[/li][li]Players cannot use the IN_* keys that are associated with movement to control movement.[/li][li]Must involve hats![sp]Just kidding. If you choose this and make a thread, I’ll probably close it and ban you.[/sp]:v:[/li][/ul]
I will be selecting judges from the community about a week before the contest ends. If anyone wants to volunteer, just post in this thread.

When you post your thread, post what your theme and twist(s) are.

Look at the rules thread before starting!

Good picks! Formulating ideas…

Great picks! Formulating ideas…

Good picks! Formulating ideas…

Idea formulated… Leaving bandwagon.

I’d love to here what combination you’re choosing.

Formulating picks! Good ideas…

I’m looking forward to all the Isometric Hat Gamemodes.

I’m looking forward to the ban-train that follows.


Risk/Chance + tiny players sounds like a great idea, but I don’t have neither the modeling nor mapping skills to make it.

Going for psychedelic isometric. :ninja:

Why not get a modeler? Also, you can just use SetHull/SetScale on them.


And I’m glad people like my picks this time.

You didn’t get the joke. :smile:

I just woke up. It flew over my head.

Fuck yeah. The twists make it a lot harder though…


Does that mean you can control movement with e.g. the mouse?

Alright! Now I can add my ha–

Aww snap! I just got the best Entertainment + tiny players + hats idea!

Probably choosing Psychedelic. Unknown twists at this time.

Ok sorry for this but we really aren’t allowed to use hats? Why not?

Hats are evil >:)

It’s already been used as a twist in a previous competition.