gCell - Third Person Stealth vs. First Person Shooter


YOU CAN PLAY THE GAMEMODE ANYTIME YOU WANT AT game.peniscorp.com:27016, PASSWORD IS nopassword.

Hey there! If you have ever played Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Versus, then you will instantly recognize and like the gamemode.

What’s this?

This is a gamemode that I’m currently working on. With help from Kogitsune, _Kilburn and Gran PC, I am planning to re-make SCCT: Versus into GMod.
There are 2 teams in SCCT: Versus - Spies and Mercenaries.

As a Spy, your main objective is to secure a data disk/hack a terminal.

Spies, just like in SCCT: Versus are quick, agile and are deadly from heights or from behind.
If you play as a Spy, your only resort is to stay in the shadows.

Just like in SCCT: Versus, as a Spy you can climb.

A Spy has (for now) Night Vision Goggles and Cloak.
Just like in SCCT: Versus, if you use your Cloak or your NVG, you WILL be highlighted for mercenaries that use EMV.

Spies can eliminate Mercenaries by jumping on their heads, or snapping their necks from behind.

As a Mercenary, your main objective is to prevent the Spies from securing a data disk/hacking a terminal.

Mercenaries, just like in SCCT: Versus are reasonably slow, but pack a fierce punch.
So far there’s only one weapon (I will add in more than 3 (SCCT: Versus had 3 weapons) in the final version of the gamemode), which is AK-47.

As a Mercenary you can also charge. Hitting a Spy while charging will cause (for now) the spy to lose 50 health points.
I will later implement Spies hit by charge to go into a ragdoll state, but that is of low priority for now.

Mercenaries have a vision mode called EMV (Electro-Magnetic Vision) which highlights enemy Spies that are using NVG or Cloak.
Moving around while using EMV will cause the highlighted spies to become less visible over time.


NVG - 100%
Cloak - 100%
Neck-Snaps - 100%
Lethal jumps - 100%
Thermal Vision - X (won’t be in the initial release, reason - too lazy)
Taser Gun - X (won’t be in the initial release)
Third person - 100%

    EMV - 100%
    Motion Sensor - X? (won't be in the initial release/might not be in the gamemode at all)
    Charge - 90% (players get ragdolled, have to fix a few minor bugs, other than that - everything is perfect)
    Shove - 100%
    Weapon upgrades - 0% (still waiting for models, but got the basic idea of how it's going to be like in my mind)

Both teams:
    Suit Upgrades/Personal Attributes - 100%
    Weapons - 80% (8 weapons are done, need to add in 2 more)

    Objectives - 45% (Hacking is pretty much done, all I need to do is add in a few sound effects when a terminal is being hacked/hack gets interrupted/hack gets completed; haven't touched Disk Hunt yet, though)
    Maps - ?% (the mapper is working on a map, but he hasn't shown me any progress at all for the past few weeks :/)



I made a map for the gamemode myself, but I’m pretty horrible at mapping, so anyone who can map, please, add me on Steam.

PICTURES (most are taken on gm_construct_flatgrass_v3 to demonstrate). Click to enlarge.
Spies’ HUD.

NVG model on the head.

This is what happens when you look into somewhere bright with your NV turned on.

Mercenaries’ HUD (NOTE: the blue bar on the right near the ammo bar is the condition of the weapon, which will obviously get removed later)

What Mercs look like in third person (yellow - no vision mode; blue - EMV turned on).

Spies’ F1 menu (will be slightly different for mercs).

Suit Upgrades for Spies

Personal Attributes for Mercenaries.

Mercenaries’ weapons menu.

Progress on Objectives.

Time until spawn countdown.

YouTube Videos:
Early gameplay.

Weapon shaking.

LEETNOOB - scripting/HUD/lead developer

If you can model/UVMap/skin/map, then feel free to apply.

Kogitsune - helping me out and teaching me how to do various stuff, playtesting
_Kilburn - helping me out, playtesting
Gran PC - helping me out, playtesting, setting up a 24/7 dedicated server.
Magistiko/Nikitka 8 - playtesting, whining that he wasn’t put on credits.
X RaVeN - playtesting, ideas
[F.A.T]`HZM^2 - playtesting
Robse - playtesting
Xarlable - playtesting
Pawelte1 - playtesting

This is some awesome shit, I guarantee it.

Looks good keep up the work.

Looks like it would be fun to play- and I haven’t even played a Splinter Cell game before. :v:

Looks great :slight_smile:

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow had a better versus mode, I ranked 34 worldwide! That game is my alltime favorite MP game. I hope this gamemode can bring back some of its charm

I played this with _Kilburn, and believe me, it actually felt like I was playing SCCT: Versus, even though there’s still lots of stuff to be done.
He was pretty damn scared when I was constantly stalking him as a Spy.

Would love to test it.

I’m currently developing a menu for teams, but what the heck, I’ll start up multiplayer right now.

Can’t promise anything though, because I might need to go in a few minutes.

This is really creepy as shit when playing as a mercenary, I’d really like to see how it plays with more than 3 players. :v:

I was expecting a single player gamemode which involved some sort of espionage mission in Garry’s Mod going terribly wrong, and a war breaking out…

This would be fun to play.
I always hoped someone would make something like this.
I wish you guys the best of luck.

Updated OP with a gameplay video.

Spies’ F1 menu (will be slightly different for mercs).

Make the dynamic light stay within the spies head or something like that. I don’t like the way it shoots around to where you look when you have night vision on.

It looks silly if you’re in third person and the light is coming from your head.

Suit upgrades for Spies.


Oops, automerge failed.

Also, this is probably the best I could do, since I’m terrible at Derma.

Personal Attributes for Mercenaries.


Fuck, automerge failed again.

Nice progress. This is definetly going to be amazing.

This Game mode has to be one of the Best You’ve Made.
And yes it is as creepy as shit when you’re a merc :v:

If you have any ideas for Suit Upgrades (perks for Spies) or Personal Attributes (perks for Mercenaries), feel free to post.