So, I’ve been trying to use GCFScape to find Breen Voices to add to a Half Life Two RP Server, for custom sounds. Yet, I can’t figure out what to do, cause I am a newbie.

  1. How do I edit the file to make a breen voice? it says for a CP Voice npc/metropolice/vo/jury.wav yet, I cannot find a NPC File…

  2. Where do I even find GCF/VPK/VPF Files with it? this is confusing me alot! Please help!

Open up the vpk file that ends with _dir.vpk. For example garrysmod_dir.vpk or hl2_sound_vo_english_dir.vpk.

Mind giving me a directory to start in? Currently I am in steam/steamapps/common/hl2

Enter the hl2 directory.
My vpks are in E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2

Dont be afraid to explore or search in windows explorer, your computer wont blow up…

I’ve been searching for hours. Never found it.