Gcombat 08 - Official Thread

This is the official thread. The other one was locked due to the auto-locker script which…is less than likable.

This is the official thread, continued from the last one.

PJB, i don’t think you really got my LoS Cannon. I meant more along the lines of a missile that flies at wherever the launcher is pointed, even if that point changes.

I did indeed, and as I said, it would be constructable in the new system.

I didn’t really understand his musing - he meant a missile which separates into several independent warheads that each seek their own target?

I did. I didn’t really like it - I mean, it’s sci-fi, it’s gory, it’s everything, it just didn’t grab me. What did, BIG TIME, was Full Metal Panic. NOTHING can beat FMP, period.

I believe it would be in the best interest to stay on topic.

Usually when someone mentions anime or some shit we really don’t care about (not trying to offend anyone, but I see it happen a lot here), people start posting off topic. Now that the thread limits are set, people should speak less about fantasies and whatnot and more things that are or can be related to GC.

So kraizer793, any video in the works?

It’s not so bad, maybe we can get krazier to incorporate some stuff from there.


No fighting. Besides, kraizer793 is the main guy who gives us the updates and what not, he gets rights to OP, to easily edit any information he might post.


Don’t act smart. Just because you made it first does not mean it becomes official. Now please stop posting nonsense.

This is just a waste of time by arguing.


Are you affiliated with the GC09 team in any way? Do you have access to information that would be a good reason to edit the OP? I am just saying that it is always better to leave things to their rightful owners. There was no reason for you to make a thread. You should have known that kraizer793 was going to make it himself.

Don’t justify yourself, and don’t agree to yourself either.

Though I am contradicting my previous post about no fighting/arguing, you just can’t help it sometimes.

it is right when the one claiming to be official is made by a member of the official team, and therefore is more qualified to post on the subject.

in plain English; the people making something have more right to make an official info thread on their project then someone else, simply because they will have more info, and their topic will be more helpful.

okay, Is there an svn to this? or is the Gcombat08_1 the only download for it available? I really hope Im not missing out on any cool stuff!

Just download the GCombat from the first post. Ignore the SVN because it is more out of date with whats up there for now.

Speaking of SVNs, have you guys got an idea of when the first version of '09 wil be out? I can’t wait.

Any ideas on making GCombat '09 LS3/SB3 compatible?

I don’t want.
Just make heat, that would be enought.

Sunnday, not to sound rude. However like the rest have said, Me, MOrcam, PJB, if any of us say something, it almost automatically overrides what you say. I appreciate your effort to somehow aid by creating a new topic. However leave that kind of thing to the devs please. I posted a new one so that a dev member could have control over the OP. doesn’t matter if it’s me or morcam or PJB who posts it, we’re all in this as equals. I was asked by morcam to make a new one, thus I did.

As for progress. We continue to work dilligently on the project. It’s done when it’s done.