GCombat Addons?

Hi, I want to set up GCombat so i can use it on singleplayer in preparation for wars and such. Which is the newest versin ecause in my addons folder i have:


Basically, what do i need to do to get a functioning, up to date gcombat with all the latest extras etc.

Read the Gcombat thread. and no i wont give you a link, there is a search option.

You mean this thread?
Because I had already found that thread, it is for Gcombat 08 and I wasnt sure if it was the newest version, and wether I still needed gcx which, as far as i am aware, is an addon to gcombat and i dont know wether it is still needed/works with GCOMBAT08 (Which i will assume is the newest gcombat)
How hard is it to say ‘You need X and Y but not Z’ or ‘The svn is here:’
This forum is if you need help and just telling me to read a thread which doesnt say doesnt really help.

Assuming the SVN still works, it’s on the GMod Wiki SVN links page: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=SVN_Links#GCombat_Addons

Gcombat doesn’t have a SVN anymore so. There is something a lot better than Gcombat out, it’s called ACF.
Here is a video of it in action

lol, my tanks

Also karbine, this needs updated. Someone should do something about it.

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flippy those are just models.

No they are more that just the models. Look inside the thing your self.

forgot the acf folders are arranged all weird now.