Gcombat/Generic Default Combat error

With some guns in Generic Defaults Combat, I get an error like this

entities/gdca_81mm_he/init.lua:56: attempt to index global 'gcombat' (a nil value)

I read that it is because the gcombat core is not up to date, but I can not find the most up to date old gcombat, only gcombat08. Can anyone give me a link to the best version?

Ah, you’re sure this won’t work with GCombat 08?

What version are you using? I suggest the SVN so that you have the latest version with hardly any hassle.

I’m using the SVN of Generic Default’s and of GCX. I haven’t tried gCombat08. I will try now

edit: I found the original Gcombat svn in an svn thread here on facepunch. Rate me box. Here it is for anyone else with the same problem as me http://gcombatcore.googlecode.com/svn/trunk