GCombat Halp? Which version?

Which version of GCombat should I be using?

My reasons for asking. I currently have GCombat08_1, and the names on some weapons are all messed up. For example, the death laser is now a Flak 88? And worse, the missile launchers from SBMP are spamming an error when firing, leaving the projectile in mid-air. I’ve seen this happen before when a server has run SBMP without gcombat. I looked into the lua, and this is the line that’s breaking:

	gcombat.registerent( self.Entity, 10, 4 )

So I’m led to believe it’s my gcombat gimping it up.
My SBMP fully is up to date svn, no I haven’t switched to the new SBEP yet, and I’ve deleted and redownloaded my gcombat08_1 via http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=35442 which I believe is the official link. I’ve been told the gcombot svn is out of date too. So what are my options and why is gcombat acting funny? Will I have to just live with it 'till the new Gcombat is released?

Gcombat is a thrown together addon that’s pretty much beyond repair. Also, theres a new spacebuild modelpack?

I know gcombat has it’s problems, but that’s a bit off topic xD. And yeah there was a new SBEP released. There’s a thread here on FP somewherez about it.

Can you give me a link?

Have you tried search button? This is a gcombat thread o.o

Seems like I’m not the only one with this error.