Gcombat infantry weapons: M72 LAW, SA-7 Grail

More infantry weapons by me:

Inspired by the Stinger recently posted in this section, I decided to step away from the mounted infantry weapons, and make some portable launchers.

After I made the models, I went to work figuring out how to make them handheld. To do this, I parented all of the props to a super flat PHX plate, this plate has a small crosshair on it, and is grabbed with the gravgun to aim. It has no wobble, even in a full sprint, thanks to the parenting. The SA-7 fires a Gcombat AA missile (The entity) and is one time use. The M72 is also one time use, but fires the AT missile entity.

Now, I know that having things scaled properly has become a big deal lately, so I will go ahead and say that the launch tubes on both of these are oversized. I really couldn’t help it. I literally spent 20 minutes going through every pipe, pole, post, chimney, and antenna, this was the only one that was reasonable that was a single prop. I made a version out of jars, which was to scale, but looks stupid due to the seams in the materializing.
The properly scaled, but seamed and stupid looking version:**

The final version:**

The full setup right as its duped (Launcher detaches from PHX 2x2)

When being grabbed, aimed and fired (No idea why the crosshair didn’t show up, you can see it in the third picture):**


M72 LAW. Works the same way as the SA-7. This was before placement of a crosshair:

SA-7: http://www.militaryfactory.com/smallarms/imgs/sa7-grail_2.jpg
M72: http://xbradtc.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/m72law-1.jpg

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Cool stuff.

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