Gcombat LAN Problem

Me and some friends were trying to use Gcombat weapons in a LAN Game, and it keeps telling us “Weapon limit reached” Is there any way to fix this? (like editing the lua file or downloading a “Fix”)

See if this command works.
[lua]SBox_Max_GCombat X[/lua]
Just change x to the max number of weapons that can be spawned.


You only need one thread, just letting you know.

That doesn’t work for me… and i started a server today, and IT doesn’t have Gcombat either, Do i need a special mod for that. Or a console command to make the limit go away, or at least go up?

wait. If you don’t have GCombat, how are you spawning weapons?

I have Gcombat i want to make the “you have reached the weapon limit!” message go away, by making it so i can have Gcombat weapons on my server, other people have Gcombat, but how do they make it work?

Um, the command I posted is a console command. Just make sure your added as an admin for the server.

Have the same problem it just keep saying
You have hit the gcombat limit!

Its frikin annoying!