Gcombat Problem

I am trying to get the newest edition of gcombat and GCX,
for me, clientside, and to upload so it works on a server.
every time i upload it to the server, and i have tried many different times…
most of gcombat works, but nothing in GCX even shows up as an entity,
the tool creates the cannons, but they aren’t wireable, and none of the gcx entities work.

im trying to get ALL of the gcombat and GCX addon with munitions.ect.


Have you got LS2 and RD2?

uhmm, no… are those required for gcx?

i have 3 different gcombats as well.


do i need all, or 1, or what?

I have GCOMBAT08 and GCX.

The SVN of GCombat is old dated, but the download link one in the official thread(s) is the most up-to-date one.

AFAIK, the GCombat 09 (on Garrysmod.org) is just some guy who re-posted the 08 version, and called said it was 09


GCombat 8_1