Gcombat Question.

Hey. I want to know how gcombat works. If someone could please explain that to me it will be much appreciated. What is the damage system and how do the weapons work? The reason why I ask this i because I have always wanted to have a dogfight with my baby


You place a weapon with the tool gun and use Wire to Control stuff like “Fire” and in some Cases the “Distance” of the Flak cannons

Also, in case you didn’t know, the idea is that the weapons destroy props. You probably already knew, but oh well…

It’s a way for contraptions with unbreakable metal props and such to have fights and blow eachother up. And because you’re not using wood, you don’t have to worry about physics damage killing off your contraption.

How it works? lol…

i dunno but ive heard rumor of a better system than gcombat09…
AND im having a sereous problem installing the newest GCX on my server…

i’d sit tight and wait for a new release

A better system? Advanced Combat Framework. I tried to download the SVN from a server website; and It wouldn’t appear in single player for me. Looks so much better though, more realistic, radars, radar jammars, better effects, and missiles.

Sound tastey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, well I have two additional questions

  1. Is there a gcombat svn?
  2. Is it true that they have gcombat tournaments on specialized servers?

Do you mean CDS?

And don’t wait for a new release.