Gcombat shield

I have tried several shields. Most are great fun and block many things. But there is one crutial thing that these shields dont block… Gcombat. This would be absalutly perfect for starwars style space dogfights. Unfortunatly I lack the skill to do it myslef.

Doesn’t the stargate space shield protect against anything?

no it doesnt

Really? Im pretty sure it defends agenst everything except teleports.

Well, the SG shield DOES defend against non-energy GCombat weapons. Try it, fire a missile battery onto it, the missiles will bounce off.

The SG shield doesn’t work with gcombat’s traces. However, anything that fires a physical projectile, like a missile, should work.

great idea. hope some1 makes it

by the way, pm me with a link if some1 does make it please. i love this idea.

I think I know of a way to make this but lack the skills to do so.

If the shield generator created a large, invisible prop that surrounded it. (Like a giant hallow phx ball) that wouldnt collide with the world or other props. (that should be possible). Such a shield would block all weapons and gcombat. The generated prop would have to have very high gcombat health so it can take a fair amount of punishment. It couldnt be invincible though, because it would ruin the fun.

Proof of possibility: The prop spaner tool, the nocollide tool, and the nocollide world tool all exist. Therefore this should be possible.

But probably laggy, and no player would be able to get in or out, even the owner, while the shield is on, which makes portable shields out of the question, because you could stand on the inside of your own shield while there’s a frozen invisible prop in the middle, while people pelt you with RPGs.

And what if you throw a grenade in there? D:

If the shield can be toggled and is parents itself to the prop it is placed on it could be used for spaceships. Inside a ship you wont be throwing grenades or going in and out of the shield

I know, i’m just saying making a big invisible ball, while fun, could be very impractical.

What you need:
fading door tool
stacker toll(maybe)

1.Make a target finder on your vehicle/machine/whatever u need shielded. Make the settings to check everything in the top two portions.
2.Find some big props and turn them into fading doors (non toggle) then weld them outside of your machine.
3.Make a wire output with the output being the same output as your fading door.
4.Wire the wire output to the target finder.

That should work ,for a bit, but if you want it to work for a while, then use stacker tool and make all of these stacked props into fading doors.

While this isnt as easy as a tool, i think it should work.


forgot to mention this alternative:

use a target finder and put a beacon sensor on it and connect them

wire a facer to the becon sesor and put some kind of weapon on it

This should shoot dow anything coming near you, i think.