GCombat: What traits win

I’m an experienced tank and equipment builders (youtube.com/dvdprui) with a little bit of E2. I’m currently looking to build a tank (I use the term LOOSELY…it could just be an armored buggy, or a hover-tank, an armored car, whatever) using Gcx & Gcombat (I also use KGCX and GDC) Primarily for EXPORT, meaning for server wars, clan wars, etc. I want something with the best traits for winning in gcombat matches, based on what most people win with.

Essentially what I’m asking is what is your most LETHAL vehicle(s) for gcombat, and WHY. Furthermore, what traits do you like.

So far I’ve compiled basic information. This bars the obvious (keep it under 50 props and don’t use mods/models that won’t show up on most servers)

Mouse aiming is a necessity; better aim is essential.
Heavy armor is nice but doesn’t compare to speed and maneuverability.
Composite armor is nice as well, but only in small amounts.
A suspension helps (I make torsion bar suspnesions all the itme for tanks)
Maneuverability and speed is essential.
Like in kung-fu movies, “He who can fly, usually wins the fight”
Walker legs are vulnerable; hover tanks are fast
Fast firing weapons = win; modular designs able to be quickly rearmed = WIN
Gcombat and GCX are the norm; GDC and KGCX are rare.
You might not want to make yourself very apparent in your turret, else one mg round kills you.
Guided missiles make real nice one-shot kills (I’m an expert on guided missiles, and I can make GCX missiles under 7 props)

Any suggestions will be taken, and when I’m done I’ll release an adv dupe with everything. I’ve already released a half-track kind of for the same purpose as this, designed for mobility and speed.

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Fixed the video for you hopefully. This forum uses the [noparse][media]
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Thanks a million dude! I rarely post on here so… :0)
Thanks a bunch! And feel free to leave your input, I’m going to make the adv dupe public using this info.

Mouse aiming is a necessity; better aim is essential.** Essential If You Aim For Fail.**
Heavy armor is nice but doesn’t compare to speed and maneuverability. Bullshit. I’ve seen a tank on ODP which can take a volley of 25 Sabot Rounds from Generics Gcombat like it was nothing.
Composite armor is nice as well, but only in small amounts. Wrong. If your aiming for tanks or other vehicles any form of Armour which you can make is a tool which can help you.
A suspension helps (I make torsion bar suspnesions all the itme for tanks) Then most of your tanks are very bad… Suspension will get your ass sky rocketed forty feet into the air.
Maneuverability and speed is essential. True ,but something you gotta trade out for safety.
Like in kung-fu movies, “He who can fly, usually wins the fight” Aircraft is easier to shoot down ,but it has advantages.
Walker legs are vulnerable; hover tanks are fast Hover Tanks also are very hard to control at points ,and can’t maintain heavy armour.
Fast firing weapons = win; modular designs able to be quickly rearmed = WIN If your aiming to be quick like I’m getting from the rest of this post then yes… Your vehicle is most likely not tanks ,but light infantry vehicles.
Gcombat and GCX are the norm; GDC and KGCX are rare. Server Wide true. But! Recently Karbine’s is getting more dl’s as well as Generics so be prepared too see them come up on servers.
You might not want to make yourself very apparent in your turret, else one mg round kills you. EH?! I call bullshit. Make your tank/vehicle weigh more ,and make it so your seat weighs a 1000. Nothing will fricking touch you if you do that.
Guided missiles make real nice one-shot kills (I’m an expert on guided missiles, and I can make GCX missiles under 7 props). **If their auto-seeking their very cheap. Once again I settle my case going back to most vehicles on ODP can take heavy tank round. They also have no trouble taking multiple c4’s.

**I rest my case.

I appreciate your commentary, insightful. I agree on some points, on other I differ.
I’m posting counter-opinions; not saying either of us are right or wrong or any of that, you have very good points, simply experiences I’ve had leading to the conclusions, additional info as to why I say it, etc. (I mean this as a discussion of minds)

  1. If I may ask, why don’t you like mouse aim? I have found that mouse aim beats aiming by keyboard anyday. I’ve found that aiming is essential to hitting; i’ve built entire fire-control systems to ensure high first-hit kill rates, and had good luck . If there’s something MORE intuitive htan mouseaim, I’d welcome it.
  2. Armor is nice. I think you actually agreed with me on the composite point (I meant composite as an option, there are various ways to increase strength) I use composite over heavy plate, because the composite acts like a sacrificial lamb against AP rounds; an outer layer of heavy armor protects somewhat against HE.
  3. A traditional suspension, yes, I agree. IF you’ve seen my videos, you know I make suspensions that are very compact, and functional. I don’t use elastic, so I can make a 50-ton tank with a full suspension (I use torsion bars, leaf springs, etc.) I use the suspension to make aiming over rough ground easier, and make it better able to handle terrain changes. (I’m a suspnesion guru. I make all-steel suspensions for heavy vehicles; I’ve made vehciles holding 80,000 on two axles before.)
  4. I agree. It’s a balance. I wholeheartedly agree.
  5. I didn’t mean aircraft. Aircraft are BAIT for AA guns and SAMs; I meant tanks/apcs/etc with the ability to “hop” (You see I’m not talking about strictly tanks–look at the HK82 badger. it flew like a plane an dlooked like the batman tumbler) You’re right though. Aircraft are easy to shoot down, even though they have a distinct role.
  6. Depends on the role. I’m not looking for light or heavy. I’ve seen light outperform heavy in personal experience several times; however, heavy still sometimes wins. I might sound biased but I’m not (I’ve built a Panzer VIII for Gcombat…AT THE ORIGINAL WEIGHT. 188000)
  7. GDC and KGCX are being more standard??? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! does happy kitty dance
  8. Yeah, but if you’re head’s open, I can pop it at 300m with a rifle. And then take your tank and own you when you respawn :0) Again, I agree with you somewhat, but there are more foes to tanks than just tanks (why I’m getting into some light vehicles too)
  9. I use tandem-charge warheads usually. My missiles are essentially: 80% are SACLOS, 5% are full target-finder, 10% are directional target finder (SAMs usually use this), about 3% are actually MCLOS (I stopped making them because they’re a bitch to use), and about 2% are just unguided. MIssiles can be cheap, but with SACLOS it requires thought and ksill. I make top-attack SACLOS, which is very complex, but effective. I also use GDC’s HE and HEAT charges, although sometimes C4; the missiles are actually usually tandem charge, so they actually get through the top of the armor, which is usually weaker. GCX C4 is really only good for SAMs, although one or two will do enough damage to at least cripple a tank if they hit the right spot (overhead turret attack will knock out the gun, etc) I like missiles because they’re more lethal than regular cannon shots; I’ve actually welded gcx weapons onto missiles, so it detonates a 150mm round or similar when it hits, but it hits at a weaker spot.

Without a good set of rules, everything falls into chaos. You load up the spammiest weapons you can, invest in the fastest movement system you can, and pray to god they’re not using automatically tracking bullshit.

For instance, I’ve see Generic Default’s minicopters in action. They’re maybe 1/4 the size of a helicopter, armed with 5 or 6 Gcombat weapons, and flit around the map at maximum speed. You don’t stand a chance of catching up to it. It’s the epitome of bullshit.

Dense craft are also a big issue. My favorite contraption to use in GCX slugfests is a 275 ton mech. It carries lots of area effect weapons, and it’s main mode of transport is the armored core style boosting mechanic. With that I get speed that most vehicles dream of, limited flight, and the ability to drop a lot broken horrendous shit on top of your contraption. Since AOE is still glitched as fuck, it ignores armor, tagging sensitive wire components.

“but”, you say, “I put all my shit on a wire slave”. I will shoot your wire slave. There don’t seem to be any rules that govern construction or combat, so I will take any and all available routes to victory, even if they’re underhanded.

Discussing balance with Gcombat is like discussing the artistic merit of a second grader’s finger painting.

I know how to kill his minicopters real easy. Just use a damn SAM :0) (I have several lead-collission sams and AA guns)

I meant with common rules. I know I could spawn a 500-ton tank and just obliterate people, but I mean with COMMON SENSE, like “nothing over 50 tons” or "nothing over 100 props.

What’s AOE? I’ve enver heard of it.

Area of effect. Creators of Gcombat and Gcombat variants fell in love with applying blast damage, but never figured out a good way to get occlusion to work. Always bugged out, allowing stuff like Nebelwerfers, C4, and other blast weapons to ignore armor entirely.

Necessitates the whole wire slave thing, it’s really shitty.

Being able to aim at your targets, it’s nice if you have 9001 lasers on your tank, but if you can’t hit a target, what good are they?

hmmm…i’m surprised there aren’t more responses to this thread, i expected a lot of activity shrugs

Anyone ever try unique traits for armor? like composite, reactive armor, etc? I’m trying to make reactive armor…

Make a teleporting car (jumps forwards about 10 meters) with a laser sword on the front, jobs a good 'un.

Now that you mention armor, I have tried making a weak, regenerating armor once. Didn’t really work well as prop spawners don’t carry constraints and i couldn’t think of a better way :v:

hmmm…could use grabbers. shrugs

It’s an idea. I’ve found the best technology for that is stressed skin. two anchored props, one welded between the two, stretched slightly beyond the length of the points welded, so that it’s in constant tension. The only problem is that it pulls AWAY from the weakened area…
of course, putting them in COMPRESSION might work. Have you tried it? That might be your answer to regenerative armor, putting htem in compression, so that the release of stress from a round brekaing one part makes another slide over it. shrugs just a thought.

Composite works well against AP; most of my modern tanks are virtually immune to AP rounds; the composite armor is just too many layers. THe problem is, like sestze mentioned, AOE weapons, although my “fractal cactal” angular spaced armor seems to have an effect on them that’s very weight-efficient (two plates at an 80-degree angle, like the turret of a T-90)

I’m getting generally from the theme of this thread that speed and fire control are really important, and firepower and armor are kind of a close second. I’ve also been watching the 40-ton ACF duel on youtube karbine posted.

I’ve been messing with GCombat but I think i have a really old version, Could you give me a SVN or something for what I need? Also a server would be nice? Sorry if this is too off topic… I want to be up to date before I comment and say something that was fixed 50 versions ago or something.


Are we looking for realism here or what?
Make a Challenger, took 16 RPG hits and 1 anti-tank missle and only had a broken lens.

kinda realism. I don’t want a 100-ton tank. I’m looking for something to be no more than 40 tons, and not super-huge (looking realistic). If i was going for just pure lethality I’ djust make an invincible invisible nuke. XD

That being said, I want something very effective. I want to actually use SKILL to combine a realistic weight, few enough props to be used on a server, and some countermeasures. I’m looking for countermeasures as well; I currently just use smoke grenades and composite armor, but I’m right now experimenting with self-sealing armor, fully adaptive suspensions, realistic camouflage, reactive armor (that’s a BITCH to do, since I can’t make it automatically activate when a shell is inrange; I have to do it MANUALLY and it has to go out towards the shell…it’s a nightmare), spaced armor, and sloped armor.

It seems tha tmore than just weight affects Gcombat; I have a 6500-pound glacis plate that I’ve been testing that’s withstood direct 4 120mm HEAT rounds, 6 C-4, about a dozen 25mm shells, and a few sapper charges. Is it the angle? Density? I know ACF uses angle, density, weight, etc., but idk what all Gcombat is. I know AOE affects wire components; therefore I’ve shielded most of my wire components on current models.


Download Gcombat 8_1 off garrysmod.org. The SVN doesn’t work, and Gcombat 9 doesn’t work either (it’s not an official release; it glitched up my computer so i ripped it off)



Um, I downloaded Gcombat 8_1 and I put it in my addons not sure if this is right… Whatever the case I used a SVN for my other Gcombat and is there a way to remove this SVN? because I have no idea which files are which so please respond quick.


Sorry for off topic :S new to the whole SVN/gmod thing.

no prob. Delete your old gcombat folder, add the new one in. you should also download GCX, KGCX, and Generic Default’s Combat as well (look on garrysmod.org under his profile, one of his minicopters has the link)


What I’m gathering from this post is:
I’m the only motherfucker who pays attention to armor in gcombat
Speed, power, and above all fire control is essential (which is good because I make some of the best Fire-control systems out there)
Armor is important, but it has to be very heavy to work. Practical combat (I use karbine’s gcombat rules, meaning that no 60-ton 120mm armed tanks, etc.) requires skill.

So far I’ve been working with self-sealing armor, applique plates, and a very heavy sloped frontal glacis plate. My KNIGHT fire control system has a .97 P/H and a .72P/K against a tank-sized object, so I’d consider it good, since it also uses mouse-aim.

GC08 uses weight to determine a health value. That’s all. There’s no deflection, or density, just weight. You have to hit it, and that’s it.

That’s one of the reasons

is a fairly accurate statement. The only balance lies in server rules.

Thats he funny thing I can’t find the old folder… I think I might have deleted it already but whatever. I got GCX already.

What I’ve gathered from playing with it so far is that. A. I can take a jeep and slap some PHX plates on it increase their weight to like 5000 and be with it for now because I suck at making vehicles. B. Almost everyone I’ve met on the server I’ve been on is a douche.

Also could I get a good Gcombat server? I’ve been playing on some Build and Fight one but I always get sniped then my thing gets destroyed. Please and thank you.