I recently installed GCombat08 SVN to my server, but now when I go on and spawn contraptions that have gcombat wired, when I press the button the gcombat doesn’t fire. I’ve tested this with multiple people, and it still doesn’t work. Any suggestions? I’m also aware that the contraptions might be broken due to a GMod update, but I need reassurance.

I just realized that when I use the DoorSTool and bind it to a numpad key, it won’t work when I press it. :x

Do you have Wiremod? The contraptions might use weapons from GCX.

Your Wire mod Needs to be updated.

Hrm, I believe it is updated. DoorSTool does not use Wiremod, it uses the numpad, and it still does not work. :confused:

I think one of your addons are conflicting with the g-mod keypad thingumabob

Can you specify which addon? I have:

Easy Precision
GDX(Generic Defaults Combat)
Ballsocket and Axis Linedraw
Multi Parenting
Smart Constraint
Wire Extra

Wire Extra tends to break stuff as well as Hover board

Wire Extras does not break stuff. The most important rule of the Wire Extras pack is to not break anything.

Abstrakt, you don’t need easy precision tool. It’s included in PHX.

Did you make sure that everything is still wired? i know its silly but whenever i adv. dupe anything i have to rewire all of it. and if that’s a problem, any answers? :slight_smile:

Wait… I just read your addon list… Where’s GCombat? You have gcombat xtended, and generic defaults, but no base?

Also, the gcombat svn is entirely out of date, but since that’s what generic default based his mod on (why is a mystery) you’ll have to use it.

Is the actual GCombat08 download, although I’m not sure if it’s compatible with Generic Default’s mod.

Update your wire.