I have looked everywhere for this elusive GCombatX and I can’t find it anywhere. Google can’t find it, Yahoo can’t either, and neither can YouTube. Can someone link me?

Ignore the LS3 petrol systems, thats just, well, ya.

This is all the SVN links for all the big, official mods:
LifeSupport, Spacebuild, Gcombat, and others.

You’ll find a table of contents, just click on gcomat under the addons subheading.

(then the url will change to http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=SVN_Links#Gcombat, or something like that.)

just click on teh second link, didn’t know it would actually work.

dont use gcombat svn! get gcombat08 on garrysmod.org! and its GCX u shud be searching for :slight_smile:

Uhh… the SVN was created by the creator of the addon, so that they could give you the most up to date version, easily.

Use the SVN, always.

The SVN link for GCX given in the wiki does not work, can someone give an alternate link?

I would love to find a working GCX because none of the Svns Work Even though everyone says they do.

Except in the case of GCombat. The SVN version isn’t the most up-to-date. What you need is this one.

Gcombat eXtended is the SVN I’m talking about. not regular gcombat.

when i try to download a file this error message comes up can anyone help?

Error! setup file ‘gameinfo.txt’ doesnt exist in subdirectory ‘hl2’ Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting

BTW i have windows vista i dont know if that makes a difference


Also, when i can dowload files and i put them into garrys mod the dont show up in the browse bar

How the heck am i supposed to do a gcx turret when i cant fire/use it??

what? What do you mean by “do”? spawn it? shoot it? build it? have sex with it?
specifying would help alot. then we can help you.

Look i spawn a turret and build a nice cannon of it but when i’m done wiring it, it wont shoot

reply plzzz

you take a gun…you spawn it…then go over to the tools menu, and click the “wire” tab at the top of the tools menu, scroll down, click on “numpad input”, then in the little menu, check off the numpad key you want it to use, then spawn one. Then take out the “wire” tool, click on the gun, then click on the numpad input thing you just spawned, and then hit the numpad key you selected. If it doesn’t work, try another gun until it does work.

NOTE: The regular Gcombat SVN is no longer working, and is most likely outdated. just get Gcombat08_1 from Garrysmod.org.

thx i’l try it out
and btw i have gcombat08_1

Alrite, I think most of the ones on 08_1 work.

why the hell did i get a dumb rating for saying dont use the gcombat SVN? i was trying to help because the svn doesn’t work! thats why i said get the Gcombat 08 on garrysmod.org! why hasnt anyone else got a dumb rating for saying it! eh?!

The GCombat 08 SVn are outdated, and the GCX SVN are shutdown by the author.

Why did he shut down the GCX svn? has he stopped working on it?

No, he moved it. He announced it in the GCombat 2 thread, but never mentioned it anywhere else. Don’t ask me why.


user and pass is anonsvn