GCraft (Minecraft in GMod)

Boring Info
So yea I got bored of working on this and decided to release it. It’s a (mostly) playable version of minecraft in garry’s mod, but instead of trying to recreate the look and feel of the original minecraft I wanted to try and bring more elements of GMod gaming to it. So there are custom textures and block types, not minecraft style.

Minecraft Info
For those of you who don’t know what minecraft is, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Head over to http://www.minecraft.net and try out the free creative version. You’ll pick it up, it’s real simple. For those of you who do know what minecraft is, this is an implementation of the creative mode in GMod.

Technical Info

  • I recommend if you host this, you limit your server to 12 players. This gamemode will not handle any higher player counts.
  • Remember to host gcraft_creative, and not gcraft
  • All world data is stored in data/gcraft/world_data/
  • If you delete these files, the world will not automatically generate
  • To generate a new world, see below


  • To set the spawn point, type gcr_setspawn whilst standing at where you want players to spawn.
  • To “lock” the current “chunk” (each chunk is 6x6x6 blocks), type gcr_setzone 1. This will make the text at the top turn into “Spawn Zone”. (I think gcr_setzone 2 makes it “Locked Zone”)
  • To generate a new level (you’ll need to do this the first time you host the gamemode), type gcr_generate Flat.
  • You must use gcr_3456_b1 or gcr_3456_b2, no other map will work!
  • The map is included with the download.

Clientside ConVars

  • gcr_mesh_distance (default 1152) - This is the view range in source units of the world. Make it 9999 to see everything at once.


  • Aim at a block. Use left click to delete it, or right click to add a block.
  • To change block type, hold Q and select a different block.

Media - Very Very Very Very Old Pictures





Media - Slighly Newer Pictures




Media - Hot off the press
http://www.xfire.com/video/32f818/ - Thanks to TheDuck
http://www.xfire.com/video/32f9ef/ - Thanks to TheDuck

http://www.fortfn.co.uk/files/gcraft.zip - v1.00
http://www.fortfn.co.uk/files/gcraft_101.zip - v1.01 (LATEST)

I hope a developer sees the potential in this and goes on to make some sub gamemodes, like Castle Wars or something. (I already started this some time ago, if someone wants what I got so far just PM me. It’s about 20% finished.)

Feel free to post your pictures of awesome stuff you made in GCraft here! I might just add them to OP.

This is, confusingly, called the same thing as Overv’s minecraft-in-gmod gamemode. Overv’s version looks more like the original minecraft. This is not Overv’s version. Nothing was “stolen”, we in fact helped each other whilst developing our gamemodes.

Overv - for general help with the concepts used
Bekka - general scripting, helped out with ideas too (and fun with google documents :v:)
Blackops - Pointed out some bugs and their fixes


Are the blocks models or what?
How deep does the blocks go down?

Looks really cool.

Very nice, but I might sue for the name xD

The blocks are formed using meshes. All faces that can’t be seen by the player (so faces touching another block) aren’t even rendered.

The world size is 18x18x4 chunks. Each chunk is 6x6x6 blocks, so that makes the world 108x108x24 blocks big. Each block is 32x32x32 source units, although I’ve modified the player hull size and camera view so they feel a big bigger than that.

That’s pretty cool, bet it lags a bit though. That’s 3 people with a claim to the name now :v:

Surprisingly it really doesn’t lag at all, the only problem is that source runs out of free edicts after about 2k cubes. But yeah, made it months ago ;3

I tested your gamemode before it was released :D. Whit Bekka <3. Its awnsome, all you need to make now is mobs xD and crafting, etc.

I had plans at some point to make survival mode, but I lost interest in the whole thing. Hence this release. If someone else wants to make a (serious) attempt, I can help out though.

I’ve seen overv doing this as well :stuck_out_tongue: both look interesting although I have never got into the game.

At first i expected some shitty recolored box props. I was pleasantly surprised.
Well done.

That lava is eye rape

I’m planning to do this.

For some reason with the adjusted hulls, when I crouch I move a bit diagonally. Otherwise, really cool.

I got a server up @ dev.blackopsservers.com

not trolling or anything but why not just play minecraft. i dont get gamemodes like this

Why spend another 10$ on a game when I could just play this? :v:

But creative mode is free :ohdear:

Survival mode. :downs:

It’s €10 (bit more then $10) and this is nothing like survival mode. :downs:

I know that. The point I was trying to make was I don’t feel like buying the game.

HNNNNNNG I had to download hundreds of files someone make a vanilla server with gcraft only.