GD Fun - Free Build Server | InstaCraft | Spawn Resources

GD Fun is free build server where you can come in, spawn your resources and start building a house or the castle you want but can’t build on other servers.

We are still in early mode so we are open to suggestions on what to include and what to not include in the server.

-Server IP/Port: (Located in Kansas, US)

-Mumble Voice Server IP/Port:
Mumble is available for anyone to use, even if you are not using our Rust Server… Just request your own channel.

Server Features:

-Free Build Server | Spawn resources and build away!

-PVP: Enabled (Suggestion On/Off?)

-Sleepers: Enabled (Suggestion On/Off?)

-Door Sharing: Enabled

-Private Messaging: Enabled

-Crafting Time: InstaCraft

-Server Slots: 250


Sounds like an awesome idea, id say turn pvp off, make building a lot more peaceful. I’m downloading a big game right now, can’t try it now, hope its still up.

been on the server but i dont know how to spawn stuff, and no one is on =(

I will put it back up when HFB Servers gets back online.