GDCW weapons: ACOG scope reticle does not appear

Hey facepunch, I’ve just got a quick problem I was hoping to get some help for.

I recently downloaded the GDCW pistol, sniper, and assault rifle packs to play around with (awesome weapons, by the by.) And they were working fine until just a few hours ago. I downloaded some other stuff (mostly tools, with one vehicle pack. I’ll list the downloads below) and then went to play. But when I spawned any weapon that had an ACOG scope, something happened. The screen would zoom in, almost like if you were using the crossbow, but the scope reticle had dissapeared, leaving me with absolutely no means with which to aim. I’ve been out of the Gmod circle for quite some time, so I’m rusty on my troubleshooting with this. Any help?

Here’s what I downloaded just before things got all wonky:


  2. Stacker tool

  3. PHX3 tools

  4. NPC Scene addon

  5. NPC control 1.2.2

  6. Realistic dismemberment

  7. Quality RP vehicle pack

You should have posted this in the GDCW thread…

Derp, probably. Anyway, I actually found a fix. I just misplaced a file when I was doing some re-arranging in the folder.

Re-install them.

Okay, well I guess everything wasn’t okay. Now EVERY scope has an ACOG reticle.