GDCW Weapons

If you don’t want to download here, you can always check out a folder to my SVN! Or you can download here and then check it out to my SVN! Or you can just download here period!
Here’s the SVN link
Remember content on the SVN may be experimental.

A newer version has been released. If you downloaded the first one and are having problems with the ACOG scopes, download the newer one.

Well I’ve worked on these for a while now. About 2 months ago I tested a beta out on a server and people liked them so I’m releasing the official pack now.

The viewmodels

NPCs holding M4A1s

ACOG Scope view

GDCW SWEPS - Assault pack

The good;

  • GDCW guns fire entity bullets. This means bullets fly through the air before hitting targets, unlike the vast majority of sweps that just use the shootbullet function and instant traces. GDCW bullets have custom penetration, effects, and tracers.
  • GDCW guns can be used by NPCs (Combine typically can’t use these correctly). I want to emphasize this because so few other gun packs include this feature. When NPCs use these guns they seem to be a lot more trigger happy and combat is fast paced.
  • GDCW guns have repositioned world models that fit in your hands instead of stick out of your stomach. This makes them ideal for NPCs and multiplayer.
  • GDCW guns have multiple hold types for world models. You can shoulder the gun like a rifle (Default), hold it at the hip like a shotgun (ALT), or just idle with it passively (E). They have been fixed of the recent updates that make all guns hold like pistols.
  • Custom flickering materials for the ACOG scopes and holo sights.
  • This pack contains all of the stuff you need to use the weapons. Models, materials, sounds, and lua. Everything comes with download scripts so people joining your server will be able to see, hear, and use the guns without pink textures or error models or missing sounds.

This pack is for assault weapons.

  • M4A1 } 3
  • HK416 } 4
  • AK47 } 4
  • P90 } 4

15 guns total

Each type of gun has a model with;
Iron sights
Red Dot Sights *** (There is no red dot sight option for the M4A1)
Holo Sights
ACOG Sights

Watch it in 480p for best quality! The shooting noises are kind of loud so you might want to turn down your volume before watching. Oh and don’t judge the guns by the quality of the video; Source Recorder really messes up sounds and 1st person in general.

Problems and errors;
There are no critical console spamming errors as far as I know. I have tested extensively and only gotten one single console error that happens when the shooter dies while shooting.

Have fun with these! This pack is in addon format and these are SWEPS in case you didn’t pick up on it.

Download here

Also I’d like to clear this up; I DIDN’T MAKE THE GUN MODELS! I only coded and hexed and repositioned them.



It pretty much explains itself. It’s just like the assault pack, and it’s standalone too.

That’s right, CSS guns for multiplayer. Don’t bother downloading them for single player because CSS gun models suck. They work in both single and multiplayer but my other swep packs are better SO DOWNLOAD THOSE INSTEAD (Unless you want these on your server.)


That’s not my video but it shows some of the pistols in action. Thanks KootsMonster!

Pistols pack is finally here! Download NAO!

And over a year later…
I’ll probably make a video for these when I have the time.

Looks nice…

Though I noticed the sounds for the added on guns dosen’t fade out the farther away you go…

They do, but source recorder doesn’t show it. The gun sounds are audible out to about 300 meters.

Fresh copy of GMod:

Happens on all ACOG guns :frowning:

Did you change the resolution after loading the gmod main menu?

No, I always run the same res in windowed mode >:(

Also, they are like MEGA-PACK-A-PUNCH…I killed a GMan with 3 shots, and he went flying o_O

OK I figured it out, it’s a problem with my code, specifically the



I’ll fix it and re-upload the pack soon. If you want it to work as of now, switch to 16:9 aspect ratio.

What about weapon damage?

Wow man, this looks really awesome. I really hope people start liking this as much as I do right now.

Loading gmod up and trying now!


Wow, this is going to do wonders for machinima. Your weapons are amazing, they just work so well. I haven’t really seen sweps that work so well. Fix that scope bug and lower the weapond damage a little and it would be perfect

He might be going for more realism, or he dosent know weapon damages.
1 shot 1 kill possibly…

I do want 1 or 2 hit kills, so I won’t be changing the damage. I will try to switch over from radius style damage to point hit type, though.
That will make targets drop instead of go flying.

I’ll replace the current download as soon as I finish testing fixes. Keep giving feedback!

Really nice pack, except the reload animations sometimes glitch up for me.

There, I fixed the ACOG scope problem. More feedback please.

Wow, Amazing swep pack.
Good job. :3

Looks like we have a possible competitor to the Mad Cow weaponry?

Shutup and come back with another amazing and true post :).

I 100% agree. I love this pack! And NPC support :slight_smile:

When the mag is fully empty. the rifle tries to auto-reload but then the anim’s fail.
sorry for the bad english, still learning

Yeah, I’ve only gotten the reload animation to play 1/238423682671356.

anything i could do about it?

GenericDefault, this is honestly pretty cool.

However, from the video, it doesn’t seem like there is any recoil, or at least recoil animations, for the ACOG guns when sighted in. Also, would you like to know how to add bullet damage dropoff? Its not exactly my script, but it works very well. I can tell you, just add me on steam.


Also, adding a sniper rifle and idle would be awesome.