GDI Humvee - slogger of fast reconnaissance (+and Bonus+)

Howdy Folks, :clint:

So it looks like even i get a relapse from time to time.
Back to the basics … back to the whole generic bulls#!t. I just hope it won’t be for long.
It’s my first picture, where i actually invested more time with Paint.NET, rather than G-Mod.
( I feel so dirty now :blush: )

The label “M998” is propably wrong, but i’ll just go with the designation in the C&C-Universe. :wink:
This is also the reason, why the gunner uses an M-60. (Also, there was no .50 Cal weapon-model to use.)

The logo, just in case you have hard-time, recognizing it on the main picture.


… and now, Something completly different and, yeah, not generic. :buddy:
This was my recreation of Alienis picture “Forever yours”:
Well shopped but poor posed … or at least i thought so.
Look it up here

So what do you people think of this crap ?
Post your comments, critisism, ratings or anything else you want to say.

Simkas’s Desert Marines I see. Posing is good. It’s good.

you should hide the tip of the barrel inside the muzzleflash…should look nicer.

motion blur looks wierd

Why watermark though ( I dont think anyone is going to steal this)

Stop water marking it with your logo and ‘Mercenary of Stupidity’.

We can see who posted it, and I doubt anyone would steal it. It clogs the picture up of space and is really fucking ugly.

The picture itself (Besides of the watermarking bullshit) is quite good.

It’s great

Posing on the gunner seems a little off - I think he’s arcing his neck too much.

Well, since it pisses you off so much, I’m gonna do it even more, how’s that sound ?


… Just kiddin’ :wink:
I actually do that for another forum, where i post from time to time (not just here on FP).

I think i know what you mean. I first thought of that too but i checked in-game twice and also checked in front of the mirror, looked fine to me. It’s propably the camera angle the enhances the slant of the neck.


Forgot to leave a comment about that :doh:

Yeah i prefer those for several reasons:

  1. the best models (I think) to represent actual soldiers/marines, not some Pseudo-Sci-Fi-Spec Ops.
  2. They also fit as best for GDI-Men with their Uniform and Color-pattern.
    3. Not an FP-Band Wagon (at least not now)


The angle on the second GDI picture needs work, too. Also, not really GDI, eh?

It’s decent, none-the-less. And we demand moar Elexis/Jessica yuri.

Where did you get the humvee without the 50 cal on the top? I have the Insurgency humvee (looks like what you used) but it always has the 50 cal on top pointing upwards.
P.S. Awhile back on I found a small WWII pack containing some very high quality weapons including a nice 50 cal. and a MG42 with a rag-dolled ammo belt

It is the Insurgency-Humvee. I edited the 50. Cal away, using the “.VMT” Trick and also putted on GDI’s Eagle. I could also edit the shield away, so a gunner position can be made in any other direction.


We are only able to demand air for breathing … and even this is not allways a given.
Secondly, the second picture exist only for the show of the logo, nothing more. It might have been difficult to recognize it. I see it clearly, because i putted there.
Thirdly, have you actually played Tiberian Dawn or do you know the TD-Universe ? Judging by your comment, i have my doubts. :wink:

Original CnC and Generals. Maybe some Red Alert.

It’s pretty simple, but for some reason I like it very much.

I like how you used the M60.

Actually in the original C&C95 design art, they have a minigun on top of the Humvees (same with the Nod buggy/FAV too).

Still, it’s nice to see GDI Marines in action. XD Keep up the good work.

Why are they using an up armored humvee?

It looks like some general iraq pose honestly, except for the m60 with the oddly posed turret gunner.

No i don’t think so. You must confuse it with Renegades MK II Humvee.

  • Here, straight from the CnC Manual -

Also, look up the CnC Wikia: Humvee

What might be innacurate from my side, is the that Westwood at first made a Remote-controlled M60-Turret due to the limits of the Games sprites, sounds & the general feeling of Sci-Fi.

But you must also keep in mind that the game was created and even plays in the mid 90’s. The Second Gulf War and the Intervention in Somalia happend not long ago. The image of modern Soldiers and their Equipment in desert camouflage was still in the developers heads.

To sum it up:
It’s a VERY thin line i was able to walk on and it had a lot of spurs:
Original developer thoughts, actual render, reference to real-life, reference to the ongoing CnC Universe, community interpretations and of course possibilties with G-Mod.
I needed to consider all of those things to have a result, that fits as best as possible.

I’m allready in prepartion for a NOD picture (choice of clothes, equipment, re-skinning) and it’s the same small line. :wink:

Does somebody else have questions or doubts about my reference to the CnC Universe ? :biggrin: