GDI Rifleman/ Nod Cyborg Look-alikes

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Command and Conquer Pack

[tab]Description:[/tab] I thought I might try a shot at creating modelhacks to look like the GDI rifleman and Nod Cyborg units from Command and Conquer.


[tab]Install:[/tab] Put main folder into addons.

[tab]Credits:[/tab]Lillwasa, Maver1k_XVII, Antianan, and Acrono[/release]

Pictures for the added effects:

Never played C&C, but those look awesome.

Omfg its a masterpiece!!!

Red Alert 2 was so fucking awesome.

Cool hacks btw, might use them later :smiley:

I prefer Tiberium wars.

Awesome, I loved the C&C series

hah, tiberian sun forever

These are very very well done. Good job!

Reminds me of that odst reskin, he really looked like a nod infantry.

Ahwell, looks alright.

It’s about damn time SOMETHING Tib’ Wars got made.

The Cyborg’s visor is dosen’t look like a visor. :c Make it slightly brighter and add some phong.

Nice hacking!

Their helmets look more like pilots’ helmets than something designed for combat.

Tiberium Sun, is the best fucking C&C ever, the new ones are just shit.


Nice skins.

I prefer Nod Soldiers though.
But still awesome.

Can you make a version of the GDI with there helmets fully tinted, that would be EPIC.

If you’ve never played C&C, you’re fucked up. :colbert:

link to odst reskin?


C&C Renegade was the shit