Gear / Chain Drive Tool

Only reason I’m requesting this is that I just cant code lua, I already have it planed out and I’m too lazy to learn GLua, what it’ll do is link the rotation of 2 props along an axis, and will work even if the props are at a seperate angle along the other 2 axis, and in the case of the gear mode, they’ll need to be VERY close together, as in having their bounding box within 0.1 units of eachother

in the case of the chain mode, both props rotation axis will have to be parallel

This tool will turn 2 existing props into a gear/charn drive system, not to spawn props, this is so that someone can use whatever prop they want.

to select to rotational axis it will take the hit normal of where you fire the tool gun, and have it rotate around the center of that props bounding box, the size of the gear will be determined by the smallest length of the side of the bounding box that most closely matches the side of the selected face, using this, it will determine the gear ratio

the way you link props is by using right click, not a select first prop, select second prop system, this is to allow for sequences of gears.

It will also no colide the linked props with eachother

Reason I’m requesting this is that sure, in gmod you can make gear systems, but they cant trasmit much torque without failing, and that theres no good gear models that work with the gears angled to eachother

I want someone to make a tool to simmulate a gear/chain drive system