I think its to easy to find gear why not make kevlar and m4’s extremly rare because on every server even after wipes i play 2h and i see big towers and teams with full kevlars

Yeah it’s pretty damn easy haha xD

No its pretty hard to fine em. People in this game play it for PvP so don’t nerf it. If I wanted to build I’d play mine craft.

The best way to get kevlar just kill a kevlar guy, its simple. Or raid a offline kevlar guy,or just spend hours killing zombies.

Thats why i said make the kevlar extremly rare

It’s an alpha guys, they have MADE it easy to obtain everything so we don’t have to play for weeks and weeks to bug test it. We can test ALL content at a relatively fast pace, when the game gets properly released, the M4 especially will be a very very rare item to get.

I also heard they are working on ways to make it much harder to obtain, eg you need to find 4 or 5 different parts of the M4, which are from supply drops only. Each piece is required to make the entire gun.

I think that all armors except cloth need to be remodeled,like srsly red hoodie from bear skin lol
Or kevlar beanie,even better

You say “This game is for pvp don’t nerf it” so you want PvP to be unbalanced? If someones friend had a full kevlar blueprint he could hand it out to all of his friends to research. GG Thats a whole team with Kevlars already. It’s unbalanced and annoying.