Geared up Bill ( partial scene build)

This actually started out as me looking through the L4D2 props, then this kinda formed itself. Besides, I’d always wanted to try and recreate the beta style Bill.
Not very exciting, But I think it came out nicely

Nice prop placing there.
Posing and angle are nice too.

This, but the blur is ugly.

Blur looks like you didn’t press “render”.
Posing seems wonky but the prop-placement is great.
Flashbangs seem a little pointless in a zombie apocalypse, I’d rather have something a little more… lethal.

I assumed more people would have had the incendiary grenade swep when they saw this I guess.

Also, I pressed render, I just haven’t yet got the nack for working out the distancing and size. I’ll get it eventually though.
Thanks for the feedback so far guys

Before I forget. Any critique on my use of Contrast adjustment? it looked ok to me, But I’m curious how it really looks.

Looks good, I didn’t realise there was any (which is probably good, because a lot of people have a tendency to rape their pictures with contrast).

Why is there a few trees with white snow on it???
Anyway I likes it :smiley:

I… Ur… Localized weather anomalies?[/bullshit]

What other color would snow on a tree be?

Good indeed, but it took me some time to realize that the car was standing on ground, and not in thin air. The fence made it look like the house continued through the bushes. :stuck_out_tongue:

The park is mine! Good scene build

Good prop use, ugly map.

Made me think of Central Park