GearFox - For Gamemode Developers!

[h2]GearFox - A simple base gamemode![/h2]

GearFox is a simple base gamemode that is targeted to RPG or exotic gamemodes. It has been long used by few developers over the past 2 years in secret to test out the functionality of the script.
It has also been known as MawBase for some people and have been used in gamemodes like Devinity 2, Population 2, Winter Survival 2 and many other gamemodes. In cooperation with JokerIce community, it have truely improved since the first release of MawBase.

My goal is to help developers make gamemodes with the use of GearFox.


  • SHVars (Alternative solution for NWVars using net instead)
  • Ingame function list (Only if you open GearFox)
  • Simple HUD Designer that creates a txt files containing a lua script that will create the design you have made.
  • A function that allows the developer to simply change the texture of the skybox by simply doing ChangeSkybox(skybox texture). Not very advanced but small usefull thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • A third person to first person camera.
  • Couple of VGUI panels
  • Gamemode samples
  • Optimised for stability and high fps
  • Currently the only gamemode that is constantly supported by The Maw compared to his other gamemodes… That’s a thing from the past don’t bother!
  • Few MySQLoo functions (look in the mysql.lua)
  • Simple but usefull functions such as resource.AddDir and AddLuaCSFolder, AddLuaSVFolder.
  • MOTD for URL
  • A Loading URL!
  • And much more.

The Maw - Lead Developer
JokerIce community - Major suggestions


  • Basic knowledge in GLua
  • Credits to The Maw if using this Base Gamemode.




Awesome! Maw always releasing good quality shit since 07!

Good work Maw! :3

Looks awesome! Is there a changelog somewhere? I don’t need it now, but might be useful in the future…

I’ll start working on Changelogs soon. At the moment, the MOTD for GearFox is still using the MawBase changelog from 3.2 ;P, which is old.
This is still in Beta, but I am working my ass on this, because this script runs Devinity 2, Population 2… erh pretty much all my major projects so this script means alot to me.

Great work as always Mawy :slight_smile:

HUD designer sounds interesting, cool work maw. The sun flare is really awesome in game.

That’s really nice to be honest.
Seems like a handy tool, thanks.

Can be useful to a lot of people. Good Release.

Just 1 quick question - what is MOTD?

Message of the Day

Aye, it’s still in a WIP state, but I will add more tools such as Text tools. But it’s just there to give you an idea on what’s coming. :slight_smile:

As for the Sun, it comes from some project I made with XML using demoniak engine. I decided to just remake it into Lua and put it in GMod and there you have it.

On with the news:

Working on some more samples and I will also work on some mini gamemodes for you people to edit and modify freely :smiley:

facepalm I accidently removed a line that adds the cl_init.lua and shared.lua from GearFox to the download list. This causes the scriptenforcer to block it to players who dont have GearFox. Fix coming up on the link in OP.

I strongly recommend that you update it immediatly!



Camera button has also been changed for various reasons. You now hold down the R key to zoom.

This looks great, Maw. Can’t wait for future updates.
Tell me, since you’ve added a HUD designer, will you ever add some kind of VGUI designer?

Propably, but that means I might have to add some sort of lua editor for things like DoClick() unless the purpose is to simply just open panels.

Pretty cool. I like the hud designer it could use a material button to add materials.

I guess I’ll mod it.

Well, the VGUI designer could be as simple as just positioning all the items, then you’d have to add in the rest of the code yourself.

Sure, might want to add a material browser aswell.

Meanwhile, check this out:

Finally gears and foxes

Well, doing some stuff like adding a GearFox menu for all the various of menus. The hooks for this menu will remove itself if you change GM.Name

It has a very smooth transition when going into it.

You will be using the Q Key to open it. The reason for this is so I can put the Camera button back to the C key.

Winner winner chicken diner.

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You should use a svn to commit changes.