GearFox - For Gamemode Developers!

I have been adjusting GearFox to work in GMod Beta and surprisingly it worked absolutly flawlessly. The only things I had to update was the VGUI panels which should be fine now. HUD Designer still needs some tweaks, but everyone using functions from GearFox should be fine in the big super s3cr3t update from Garry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a look at this too:

You ever get around to adding that material/texture option.

Yes, I am currently doing some real life stuff, however as I mentioned on my previous post, I am currently adjusting GearFox to GMod Beta, along with futher optimizing. I will release the next update in a while (Propably in a week or so)

hey this is cool

I did alot of changes to GearFox recently.

SHVars are now using the net libary instead of the umsg. It’s soooooo muuuuch smoother.

To Garry: (When sending a table that contains an angle, it gives you an error that net.WriteAngle does not exist. I fixed it temporarily by adding net.WriteAngle = net.WriteAngles until you have done something about it)

So Themaw i’m sort of confused i though this was just like a skeleton game base and that’s what i can see from the flies but the pictures you posted i’m now confused xD Any enlightenment?

Been some time since I’ve done an update. Currently, I can’t really do much as GMod beta is still down. Holding out for Garry Newman to bring his update. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile been planning out on an experimental base AI. I will propably give a more detailed info on the next update release of this base gamemode.

Heres 1.2 tho:

What’s new?

Fixes and dixes. Only works on GMod beta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Primary fixes is around the VGUI panels and also smoothed out the sliders abit more.



  • Huddesigner has been fixed
  • Added shared function: GM:GetGearFoxGamemodes() (Loads all gamemodes running gearfox. Add “InheritGearFox” on the info.txt on your gamemodes to make them detectable.)
  • Cleaned up some net functions used in GearFox.

Todays news:

Progress on the new AI script for GearFox is going very well, infact I was able to spam thousands of small npcs running around!

This image is just with a few hundred running around, but you get the idea. :slight_smile:

I also added a few examples on using the new AI script and will be included in the next update! :slight_smile:

Awesome work themaw! I look forward to your next update.

Punching in more lua snippits for GearFox along with few fixes.

Old News but forgot to tell:

  • Fixed GearFox to work with the latest GMod 13 update. (File system etc.)

I will pop in a link for download on this post tomorrow or something. Been busy working on Old Age 2.

Also made a wavey grass thingy. Heres the outlines of it and the lua snippit code have been added to the UsefullLuaSnippits folder along with everything else.

Download links are dead.

Are you waiting for Gmod 13 update to be released?

Do you have a version that works with Gmod 12?

Any word on this Project, TheMaw?