Gearing Up, Killing Kevlars as new spawns, Starting from nothing to Full Gear!

Another Rust Part for my series of all epic things in rust. If you have any feedback feel free to share it, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

da quality


Hold up…

VAC banned then… unbanned?

I think that is a bigger story than the video… How did that go down?

It said VAC banned but that’s just what it said when he was banned from the server. He wasn’t VAC banned, he could still join any other server. The he showed the video footage on his part and the admin unbanned him.

Skream’s perspective is soooo better.

Thanks breh

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Da wut

Another epic vid!

what do you use to record?

I use DxTory

When will the next one be up?

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Loved the part you looked back and saw the naked guy pointing a gun at you. Killed a bunch of kevlars to get one shot by a naked guy is priceless.

Yah I was so pissed off. Especially because I didn’t have medkits otherwise I might have been able to survive. I was so happy because I killed one Kev and then I knew I could probably take on the other but then some naked with a pipe shotgun out of nowhere just kills me.

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Thanks !

Hopefully another this week sometime :slight_smile:

scared me for a sec. i thought you were kev and were killing new spawns from the title

I don’t like to kill new spawns unless I’m one of them. I hate it when a group of kevs try to kill new spawns. It doesn’t make you a good player at all.

I also sometimes use Virtual Audio cable to split audio streams.