Gears 2 Kantus Model and Skin Request

This is my first post on Facepunch, so I’m sorry about any future mistakes.

Right, I am requesting a Kantus model for use on Garry’s mod as a playable character. This is what a Gears of War 2 Kantus looks like:

If 2 similar models could be constructed, as in the same models with slightly different skins, that would be even better.

These models don’t have to have terribly good detail, they just need to look some what like their Gears of War counter-parts. Yet again, the models NEED to be playable. Ragdolls would be appreciated too.

Thank you for your time and I hope this isn’t flawed in any way, if this model is already out it hasn’t appeared on or in the first 10 pages of 5 different google searches. If this has been already requested, I’m sorry and mabey it could be made this time.

Pretty please?