Gears of War 2 Model Help

I know it’s pretty much expected for me to ask for these sort of things, but I’m asking because a while back someone sent me some of the vehicles from Gears of War 2, but left a lot of things out, IE, models with no textures, Textures without models, etc

I was wondering if anyone had like a disc copy on hand, or the files on hand, or if you are the one who sent me these a while back, if you could send me the rest of the textures/meshes I need.

Thank you for your time, and if you end up gathering the files for me, you can include other models and I shall port them as well, aha

I actually happen to have the ISO downloaded since I’ve been porting weapons and characters from the Gears games, so I’ll take a look when I have time.

Mind posting a link to either the ISO or the extracted files if you do extract them? I’d very much appreciate it.

Here’s the .xxx archives.

Large file.

Thank you much!