Gears of war 3 Cole Train cardboard cut out

Is there anyone here who can work their magic on Gears of war 3 and get the full body image of the Cole Train cardboard cut out ingame. I’m guessing it’s some kind of texture but that’s about as much as I know. I would really much appreciate it I’m planning on either making a life size stand or a miniature version so please some help a fellow out.


Soo you want the cardboard but not the character? lol

Well the design the cardboard has, like I said I wanted to get the image go to some store that prints me a huge copy or small one to cut out and make a cardboard stand.


I’m glad I have your support because The Cole Train would sure appreciate that. This thread is officially Cougar’s territory.

C’mon, I know some people who atleast pass through here and read the post know someone who could help out.

This would be nice to have actually…support!

I wish the person that ported the Anya and Myrrah models could help us, I mean like I mentioned I’m no modeler or person who knows much about these things but I have some friends that do and some info rubs off on me so I know it’s either a texture or something that might not be hard to obtain.


look’s like anybody want it or at least they don’t know who is cole train

Not knowing the Train is like not knowing your momma baby!

You ever feel like this thread died but nobody told you?