Gears of War 3 models

Here are all the main characters and NPCs
All models are Rigged in PSK format


Holy shit yes.


Were you able to figure out the double UV’s on some of those models? Clayton Carmine, for example?

Wait for the Queen.

really really good job, but um if possible could you get the weapons as well, but only if that’s not to big of trouble

Would the Armored Kantus be possible to get from the game in a PSK format? Or is it already in there?

Myrrah’s in there.

Maybe some one will do the same thing with halo reach 3d model ^^


Shit, maybe we can finally get a Benjamin Carmine model. All those COG soldiers are awesome. Nice work.


Marcus has Grey hair?

maybe, why don’t you check for yourself :confused:

I remember a guy in the first game named Carmine… but he took a bullet to the head.

sorry for noob question but where can i install it? i put it on the addons folder it wont work.

PSK format. Not rigged for Gmod.


If I were you I would make these threads just to watch people complain about how they wont work in the addons folder.

you have the weapons of gears of war ???